Stop whining, give Trump a chance

Give Trump a chance to prove himself

I have watched elections come and go from many years in America and I have never seen anything like the spoiled, entitled, sour sport/sour grapes response that is currently occurring.

William Iversen’s article was part and parcel of this. Does he really think that his vote counts more than others or that Hillary was a better choice than Trump ? Let’s face it, none of us were very happy with the choices that were presented to us in this election cycle. Hillary threw our ambassador under the bus, getting him killed by debating over which uniforms our military should wear in going to rescue him so as not to offend Muslim terrorists (and blaming it on a documentary that had free speech rights protection) until it was too late and he and the others were dead.

Then it was Hillary undercutting Bernie Sanders in a very dirty election move. Are we really drinking the propaganda of the media to the point that we have forgotten the Clinton White House and all of the scandals that took place during it ? Do we forget that it was Hillary who actively moved to silence and shut up women who had claims of sexual abuse against her own husband ?

Hillary sold her soul long ago to the political machine and she never looked back. We at least owe Donald Trump the chance to prove himself before passing judgment on what kind of a president he will be. I personally do not like the man or have much respect for him.

I have even less respect for the spoiled brats being destructive out in the streets when they should’ve actually gotten off their butts and gone out to vote if they wanted their candidate to win.

The point that everyone in America should be thinking about is whether we really want a socialistic liberal government because that’s where this generation is headed after having been handed everything by parents who were too materialistic and then handed them everything on a silver platter.

This entitled generation just can’t get over the fact that they didn’t get their own way and now they’re throwing a fussy fit in the middle of the streets.

Even though I don’t personally like Trump as our president-elect I will give him the chance to prove himself.


Dr. Gregg Townsley is a resident of Lihue.


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