Letters for Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016

Dairy: Milk factory, tortured cows • Protect what is precious on Kauai

Dairy: Milk factory, tortured cows

Mr. Springer (TGI, Oct. 15), my mother’s — Bettejo Dux — column about a “show case” dairy on Kauai was not an endorsement of that disgusting milk factory in Poipu.

Simple: if 2,000 cows on 500 acres can make money, 2,000 cows on 3,000 acres can make money.

Anyway, it could if the price of the land did not make that an impossibility.

If the 1 percenters on Kauai — Grove Farm included — really cared about Kauai, they could lower their greed. They could sell or lease 3,000 acres of land to a real dairy farmer for the price of 500 acres. That would work.

Are you aware that those pitiful cows in a milk factory have a life span of about four years? And those four, miserable years are a crime against bovinity. And the junk milk those poor animals produce isn’t fit to drink.

The problem with the column was its lead. It was misleading.

My mother spoke with great brilliance about a real dairy. “To produce real, nutritious milk, two healthy mama cows —contented belle and boss — need a little over an acre on which to graze.” That said it all.

Those poor animals in a milk factory are not contented. They are poor, tortured creatures. There should be a law, in the country, against this treatment.

Blu Dux, Koloa

Protect what is precious on Kauai

So people, how is Keahou Stream bridge working for you?

DLNR preparing its next trip in the Loop Road vicinity. No community meeting, due to the reasoning that it is not for localenjoyment but “to enhance the visitor experience.”

Otherwise the rumor is DOW will be fracking and Green Energy harvesting invasive tree logs to our two-lane Kuhio Highway.No wait, in actuality the plan I think they are engaging is to immediately bridge the second crossing.

Just past second crossing is an electric station that recently Asplundah was clearing overgrowth and at that site decadesearlier huge boulders placed closing off the “Loop.” That loop, reopened, has egress at Kapaia, Isenberg, Kukui Grove, Wilcoxmansion, KCC, humane society, to the Tree Tunnel (Maluhia Road), Green Energy machinery.

This DLNR ploy will not only bring visitors deep into the forest reserve to Ditchmans, Blue Hole, where some invincible visitorwill die. DLNR will then lock us all out, as they have at all of the playgrounds we used to have and that our children cannotenjoy.

Recent Opaekaa Falls jump as an example. This lucky-to-be-alive youngin should’ve been arrested. That’s right. He is fromCalifornia, never mind he jumped the fence. Ditchmans, continued water diversion leaves an empty natural stream bed awayfrom Opaekaa. All the water currently going to Grove Farm.

The second and third Rambos occurring is a permit has been issued to some company to dump polluted water off the SouthShore near Spouting Horn west of the Hyatt where the proposed new dairy is going in on lands so holding archaeologically, aserious loss! What is happening?

There is so much going down and much of it is being played off as a done deal. America has far overstayed their welcome.America can never be great, it never was to begin with.

Debra Kekaualua, Wailua


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