Emotional freedom

Cursive writing is an art, expressing in graphic style the interior life of the writer. When the writer is present with an awakened mind and heart, the writing moves forward in graceful, defined flowing movement. Writing with a rhythmic flow resonates throughout the self and is experienced as inner harmony. Hurried writing, including signatures, disrupts the flow, resulting in subtle tension, stress, erratic heart and brain waves along with disturbed neurological functions.

The archetype of the letter “Mm” emphatically reminds you of the importance of writing with presence in order for inner grace to be incorporated in the flowing movement of the script.

The picture symbol of the letter “Mm” is water, the element related to emotions. Water is a fluid, flowing freely in the absence of obstacles. So, too, your emotions in the likeness of water, need to flow with ease and freedom.

The design of the letter “Mm” illustrated in “The Living Alphabet” supports flow and freedom. In writing this letter, there is a progressive, forward movement representing the open flow of emotions while engaging the qualities of courage, trust, initiative and discernment. In printing and in accepted cursive alphabet systems used in education, the flow and forward movement of the letter “Mm” is blocked. In the science of graphology, the retraced “Mm” indicates a form of repression. At the same time, this accepted design omits the involvement of emotional freedom, initiative, courage, trust and discernment.

The archetype of the letter “Mm” tells you that your emotions are messengers. You can learn from them as they let you know of unfulfilled desires or challenging attitudes that result in unhappiness. This letter teaches you to address what interferes with fulfilling your desires. It also encourages you to review your attitudes, and change those that are obstacles to your feeling inwardly happy and uplifted.

Change and transformation are powers of the letter “Mm.” Its associated number is 40. This number has the meaning of nurturing an idea or desire to the point where it can be experienced. The number 40 also relates to changing excessive focus on materialistic values and philosophies to those that support your Spirit, so that you can be a witness to your own transformation.

A concluding message of the letter “Mm” is: remember you have the power to constructively direct your emotions and enjoy a meaningful earth-life experience.


Angeline Welk of Princeville is a professional handwriting analyst. She can be reached at alefangel@gmail.com.


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