Letters for Sept. 28, 2016

• Time for real change on Kauai

Time for real change on Kauai

One-hundred million for road repairs is nothing more than a taxpayer subsidy for the fossil fuel and automotive industries. Come on guys, you can do better and change the paradigm. How about that monorail from Lihue to Princeville? One-hundred million should cover it!

While you’re at it, let’s get those steam trains going from Koloa and Kilauea into Lihue with a stop at the airport. Locals and tourists would ride, freeing up existing roads. How about a bridge across the river in the Homesteads so folks don’t have to come down to Kuhio Highway to get to Lihue?

Seems nothing ever changes. But all that’s needed is a little vision and some bucks. And maybe some limits on vehicles allowed here.

While I’m at it, the time, effort and money spent on trying to regulate vacations rentals is almost sad. Save neighborhoods? Sorry guys, the horse is out of the barn. This is just another example of technology disrupting the status quo.

Did anyone succeed trying to stop Amazon from killing many local businesses? Only taxi companies oppose Uber. The freedom to use one’s private property at its highest and best use seems to be a forgotten concept. Trying to stop vacation rentals is like trying to stop immigration.

Everything migrates, even birds and animals. Everything wants a better life. Anyway, Kauai depends on tourism and it seems the county wants to shuttle them all into ghettos called VDA zones. NIMBY is alive and well when it comes to this subject. Real aloha would invite them into all our neighborhoods. Change is inevitable. Embrace it!

And a comment about our Westside ag issues: We all know the problem. Let’s solve it. I, for one, am not looking forward to more poisoning of the soil with deadly chemicals by anyone, local or large corporation. There are well-known soil remediation technologies i.e., certain fungi, plants and trees which could clean up the mess in an amazingly short time. Healthy soil produces healthy food. Bhutan has declared itself all organic. Why not Kauai?

Many more issues, not enough space. I wonder what the unfunded pension liability for county workers is? Why are all those cars sitting unused in the old Big Save parking lot? Why does it take a million dollars of equipment and five guys to mow the easements in my neighborhood? Come on guys. We can be more efficient and more creative in running this wonderful island.

Let’s make 2017 the beginning of real paradigm change.

Michael Wells, Moloaa


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