Letters for Sept. 18, 2016

• Show respect and don’t ignore warnings • Mahalo to KFD for help • How about a law against foolish acts

Show respect and don’t ignore warnings

If you hurt yourself or died because you failed to pay attention to the warning signs posted at those dangerous places, you really do not have my sympathy. You have not only jeopardized my life, but you also jeopardized those firemen and paramedics and rescuers trying to save your life. You thought you were too smart, but in actuality, you were very inconsiderate, too dumb and truly too stupid to think that disregarding those signs for a little bit of fun was the thing to do.

I have no appreciation for what you did. You got hurt, crippled, paralyzed yourself, and/or died in the process for that little fun, because you slipped, you got swept away by those big waves, or anywhere else signs are posted.

A policy should be made that if any rescue is done, the clients should be made liable for the costs and not us taxpayers here in the Hawaiian Islands.

You come here to have fun, show us the respect we deserve and not come here blindfolded.

It’s not hard to do.

Ray Domingo, Lihue

Mahalo to KFD for help

We were having great difficulty with our fire smoke alarms. Being elderly with movement restrictions, this was very scary. Thesalt and moisture in the air seemed to be getting into each one we bought, no matter the price. And always at about 3 a.m. Ittook us a long time to get to and silence this very loud alarm and it was so stressful as we didn’t want to scare the neighbors.The one that the batteries couldn’t be removed from, we had to put at the bottom of the hamper to soften the sound.

We have asked a friend who worked in that field and we had asked a worker at our complex with no true answer.

So, we contacted the Kauai Fire Department and were referred to Prevention Officer Captain Darryl Date.

Captain Date not only researched but he delivered directly to our home a brand new photoelectric First Alert smoke and firealarm with a mute button. And he offered to install it, too! Apparently there was a grant.

We are so very grateful for his time and attention and the quality of the fire department employee that he is. We are so verygrateful for a county administration that is dedicated to the needs of the elderly and infirmed. We are so very grateful to beliving in the most beautiful and wonderful place on earth.

Loukas and Koko Fytros, Kaha Lani, Lihue

How about a law against foolish acts

“This is crazy,” (TGI, Sept. 9). Indeed, it is. Some yo-yo jumps off Wailua Falls, comes within an inch of killing himself, andthen says, “Honestly, I plan to do it again.”

Never a word of apology or thanks to those who put themselves at risk to rescue him, or at least none that was quoted in the article. Has it even occurred to him what might have happened if David and Jane McGrath (blessings upon them), the firefighters and medics (ditto) had not come to his aid?

As many people have observed, it is probably impossible to legislate against stupidity, but can nothing be done to penalize stupid acts like this one? If there is no county or state ordinance prohibiting, for example, taking a flying leap of Wailua (or Opaekaa or Hoopii) Falls, can our lawmakers not enact one? A heavy fine or even permanent banishment from the island might event make Mr. Shahah come to his senses.

H.M. Wyeth, Anahola


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