Kauai needs politicians tough enough to protect it

I have been studying health for many years. Back in the 1980s there was a section of study about Alzheimer’s. We were told that soft metals could be a contributor to Alzheimer’s. Metals such as mercury in our teeth fillings and aluminum in foil, pots and pans and so on. Fillings can be removed very carefully and replaced with porcelain. I replaced all my aluminum pots and pans with stainless steel and glass cookware. If that’s not possible at least use wooden or plastic spoons, spatulas and so on, not metal, when cooking with aluminum.

What happens is these soft metals get into our bodies and lodge in the tissues of certain organs and the brain. Unlike organic matter that can be dislodged and removed from our bodies, these metals are very difficult to get rid of and can build up over time. Other ways to help avoid this illness is taking a vitamin and mineral supplement and being sure to get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet; organic is always better.

When I read things or am told things that make sense to me, especially if they have studies showing results, I tend to take them to heart.

I also read Rachel Carson’s book, “Silent Spring.” She predicted back in the 1940s that pesticides would cause such an imbalance in nature that our wildlife would diminish over time. Here we are — our native birds are declining, as well as our reefs, seashells and sea life. Are we going to heed the warnings or take the easy way out and bury our heads in the sand and place blame elsewhere? The elephant in the room isn’t just a mosquito causing these problems.

What about 20 tons of pesticide per year being applied to our beautiful island? We, the citizens, need to stand up and be heard loud and clear: These companies are a problem. We had 3,500 people marching in the street showing our disapproval of what these companies are doing. When so much of our island’s population wants regulation of these companies, how come we can’t achieve this?

There is more work to be done. We can’t sit back and think our representatives are going to take care of our people and this island. It’s not happening. We need to be more active and write letters to our politicians: mayors, governors, senators, Congress, and yes, even the president. If we don’t use our voice how will they know we are not happy with what is happening here and other places?

Our mayor is a nice person but he is not capable of making the hard choices and decisions that must be made. Where is the new dump site, the plan for relieving traffic congestion, moratorium on new building until we get our infrastructure up to date, and protection from chemical companies poisoning our paradise?

We have the ability to change the direction we are going but we need to take action. Please get out there and vote for candidates that are willing to help the people of Kauai by making the tough decisions.


Linda Bothe is a resident of Kalaheo.


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