God’s ways are hard to understand

I appreciate Loyd Clayton’s honesty in expressing his doubts about God (TGI, Aug. 16). Clayton wrote that it is hard for him to see the stopping of cancer as a gift from God when God could have stopped it earlier, before a double mastectomy.

Later, on Aug. 20, Jan Rudinoff responded that the idea of the Christian God who intervenes in the natural order of life is no longer an option for him.

The book of Genesis explains that human misery came as a result of humans joining Satan in his rebellion against God. The book of Job shows how pain in our lives often comes from Satan (we made a very bad choice of whose side to be on). We see that God sometimes allows Satan to inflict damage on us. We also see from the book of Job that God’s plan is to turn the tables on Satan and turn our sufferings into blessings for us and others.

It may be hard to figure out what blessings God has planned for the woman with the double mastectomy. It is even harder to understand why God would allow my dear friends’ 24-year old son to be killed by a drunken driver a few days ago. He was engaged to be married in early October.

Understanding what God has planned is difficult because we are not as smart as God. In effect, Clayton has trouble believing in a God who is smarter than he is. The God we are talking about designed Clayton’s brain. On logical grounds, I would have trouble believing in a God who is dumber than a brain he designed.

We are not as smart as God and we don’t know what kind of blessings he has planned for us. But this is not a good reason for unbelief.

Regarding Rudinoff’s suggestion that God does not intervene, I and many others have seen God intervene.

I enjoy hiking on Kauai, but I have never seen any deer here. Does that prove that there are no deer on Kauai? My Westside friends have not only seen deer, but have brought home venison for dinner.

I have seen God answer hundreds of prayers. I have also seen several answers that were visible, supernatural miracles.

I was in Japan with a friend when we saw a woman fall off the platform and be hit by a train. We later started praying for her broken and motionless body, in Jesus’ name. I was hoping she would survive, but was surprised to watch as her limbs were straightened and mended right before our eyes. She later thanked us and walked away without a limp.

I have seen other instant healings in answer to prayer where the supernatural activity was visible. I am not the only one. The Bible records many of these events and they have continued to happen throughout history. Many on Kauai have seen supernatural healings, including my friends whose son was just killed (she was supernaturally healed not too long ago).

I trust my Westside friends’ report of deer on Kauai, even if I have not seen any deer. I think that it would be good for those who have not seen God intervene to be willing to consider reports from those who have seen God answer prayer in supernatural and even visible ways.

Please pray for comfort for the family in Kalaheo who just lost their son. Prayer really matters. I think prayer may be the most useful thing that we ever do.


Mark Beeksma is a resident of Koloa.


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