Letters for August 8, 2016

Letters for August 8, 2016

Support Hawaiian Kingdom government

My name is Keohokui Kauihana. I am a repatriated Hawaiian National. I repatriated through the Hawaiian Government that was reinstated on March 13, 1999.

The American Empire is using U.S. laws on Hawaiian Kingdom jurisdiction to the detriment of the Kanaka Maoli people.

An example of discrimination is using the Kingdom flag in the usurpers courts enforcing U.S. laws. Changing title to land using U.S. laws. Court judges enforce U.S. laws because the Treaty of Annexation gives them the authority.

The Organic Act of 1900 states that only citizen of the Republic of Hawaii are counted as citizens of Hawaii. Kanaka Maoli people have not been counted as citizens since 1893.

On March 13, 1999, the Kananka Maoli people reinstated the Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution and started their government. We have had five elections since then. The sovereignty of the aina rests in the hands of these officials, nobles and representatives, and the Kingdom ministers. To go against the officials are human rights abuses and war crimes.

The Hawaiian Government legislature created license plates and driver licenses for its nationals. State judges do not recognize it and criminalize its users. The state of Hawaii, part of the American Empire, is not sympathetic to Hawaiian Kingdom Independence.

The public in Hawaii should support a Hawaiian Kingdom government and become a national.

For a bright and pono future.

Keohokui Kauihana


Gesture came from the heart

Much has been made of Chelsea Lyons Kent, the delegate who lifted her middle finger to the camera at the Democratic National Convention. Some have objected, saying it was disrespectful of aloha.

Inveighing aloha to pass judgment in an authority confrontation situation can be a slippery slope. Were those who took to their surfboards to block the Superferry’s entry into Nawiliwili disrespecting aloha? Which side in the Mauna Kea observatory controversy has aloha on their side?

Aloha has been explained to me as the love one feels for self, others and mother earth, in a given moment. Only Chelsea knows what was in her heart in that spontaneous moment.

Chelsea knows the Democratic National Committee was biased in the primary against her candidate. “Bernie Sanders was the only candidate who was not the lesser of two evils,” she said.

She knows the Democratic Party has been little different than the Republicans when it comes to serving corporate power and selling out working men and women. She knows that when the president tells us the economy has recovered because the stock market has, that it’s a lie. She knows half the country, living in virtual poverty, sees this for the con that it is.

She knows that you can’t build a movement in a political system where money has replaced the vote.

With all this in retrospect, she’s unapologetic. And she’s probably familiar with the truism “Well-behaved women seldom make history.”

Kip Goodwin



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