Letters for August 6, 2016

Letters for Aug. 6, 2016

Rosenstiel leads strong field of candidates

It’s a benefit when there are multiple good candidates running for office. And the race for District 14 is an example. But even with good candidates we still need to make a critical choice.

Sandy (Combs) is a smart, engaging woman. I personally like her. Not sure though that a Republican (in party, and mostly in politics) is aligned with many of the district’s points of view.

Nadine (Nakamura) is accomplished. I understand that she is a good woman. Yet, she is the establishment candidate, who has worked with amayor who, while also a good man, has made many regressive decisions that are more in corporate rather than the peoples’ best interests. And with all her years in office(s), her experience as a “planner,” etc. we still experience onerous traffic congestion, a lack of affordable housing, drug abuse, etc.

People are yearning for real change!

Born and raised in District 14, Fern Rosenstiel is the true non-establishment outsider! Fern has fresh ideas and (as anyone who knows her, or her history of accomplishments, will tell you) the determination to bring change! Fern has experience working with, not under the mayor, police, the governor, and many other officials to accomplish the peoples’ goals.

I agree with Sandy: “Our government was not designed for or by professionals.” Elect Fern, a true candidate for Kaua’i’s people. Please use your precious vote, your time and money to elect Fern to the State Assembly for District 14. More info at www.FernRosenstiel.com

Rick Cooper


You never know with Trump

Here is a news item you may see if the Donald gets elected:

“Hello Vladimir. this is your friend President Trump on the hotline. I just wanted to call and say we are sorry about nuking Moscow. When I mentioned it to my team I was just being ‘sarcastic’ and guess they misunderstood. It won’t happen again.” Scary eh?

Hopefully this won’t happen; but with Trump you never know. He got the nomination by doing and saying outrageous things and thus getting tons of free press and publicity. This has been his method all along and apparently based on the current controversies he plans to continue this approach for the general election.

He claims the mainstream press is unfair to him. However, I don’t see that at all as he has a lot of dark issues in his past that have not been reported by the mainstream press. They include reported extensive business transactions with the mob and other types of questionable practices.

Regarding Hillary’s emails, she may have done the country a service with a private server that as far as is known was not hacked. The Federal Government’s Office of Personnel Management (OPN) had their system hacked and personal and other private information, including classified data, was taken from over 20 million current and former US Government employees — reportedly hacked by the Chinese.

Frankly, I think Hilary has done a good job overall and don’t consider her “crooked” or the “devil” these labels have been carefully, in my opinion, engineered by the Republican establishment solely to discredit her.

John Gordon



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