Letters for August 4, 2016

• Apology from those in Hawaii • Don’t waste that extra second

Apology from those in Hawaii

What sets Hawaii apart from the rest of the nation is our aloha. Admittedly, many of us are mainland transplants — but even we know that aloha is a way of life, not a simple slogan. We are respectful to each other, even if we disagree. We can have strong opinions, but we do not hate. That is why a Donald Trump candidacy is so offensive to most of us.

We go high when others go low. Yet, one delegate breached this ethic by flipping off the camera at the Democratic National Convention. The actions of this person do not reflect well on our community or our state. We humbly apologize to the nation for this breach of aloha, as we are all Hawaiians and we are responsible for each other.

That is a huge difference and why I truly love living in Hawaii.

Rich Robinson, Koloa

Don’t waste that extra second

According to the US Naval Observatory, in 2016 we’re getting one more second added to the world clock. Calculating the seconds in a year was never a precise calculation by hand and will always be less efficient than the time-keeping mechanisms of the atomic clock, but it was good enough to trust the clock keep to track of its every ticking second. It might not seem like much now because a second is the tiniest fraction of a year, but the experts estimate that in a hundred years, this discrepancy could have led to a difference of minutes; in a thousand years, an hour.

Try to argue for that one more second in bed before it’s time to get up, but the alarm clock isn’t likely to agree with you. It won’t prolong the life of your phone right before it’s about to die, allowing you to get one more second of battery life to play Pokemon Go,just as it won’t magically extend every deadline in the near future. The line for poke down at kukuiula or the fish market is still going to run out as fast as always before you get there, but you could take this second to decide to go, minutes before the ahi is gone.

“The moment of a second sometimes matters more than the span of a year.”

It could inspire you to join the greatest international scavenger-hunt the world has ever seen and join a team such as Oh! Chuck, or to kayak the Na Pali Coast with your friends before school is in full swing. Throw in a quick “I love you” because you can and enjoy that sunset a second longer because now you time exists. How do you plan to spend your extra second?

Ava M. Zebzda, Gonzaga University student and former Kauai resident


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