Letters for July 25, 2016

Letters for July 25, 2016

No ghost, just jobs, at Coco Palms

I remember Coco Palms hotel when they were open prior years up to 1980. This hotel was labeled by then as a ghost hotel. Everyone who went to stay at the hotel heard some form of ghost story from a janitor or a housekeeper. I am not sure how true the stories were, but this may have taken a lot or some customers away and make them go to another hotel instead.

This time around I do hope they will make it look as though no ghost will be around. People will just walk up to the counter and check in and go to their rooms.

As for employment, I think there will be many locals finding jobs in the same industry. Tourism has always been their industry, so finding another hotel will suit their case and to find the same job looks about the right fit.

I think they can do a better job in the hotel if they would concentrate on numbers, rather than making the hotel look like an old-timers 1960s look and Elvis Presley being in town. They have always stuck to the Polynesian look and Hawaii, so I think this will be the theme for the hotel again.

It will be interesting to see how many people will be lining up to apply for a job. I hope to stop by if or when they complete the hotel on Wailua side of the island.

Dean Sabado


Committed to addressing the drug problem on Kauai

Growing up on Kauai I have watched firsthand loved ones and friends fall into the darkness and emptiness of drug abuse and addiction. We have lost friends to overdoses, mental health issues, suicides, tragedies and lives of addiction and isolation. For many of us there is nothing more painful then this reality and our inability to help those that we love. It is a heavy burden that our community carries and something we cannot brush aside, jail away or ignore. We must face it.

I strongly support existing efforts to establish an adolescent treatment center and we need to work together to get it up and going as quickly as possible. We also need to work to ensure that it is effective and meets our needs.

I will work for all-around inpatient programs that help any age group and provide the kind of in-depth services our community needs.

I think we should provide drug rehab classes and programs in our jails so that when people transition back into society they can do it with a handful of basic skills and understandings.

We need to work on enforcement at our ports and stop these drugs from making it onto our streets. We need to look at ways we can better control prescription medications and prevent abuse and illegal sales.

We must be committed to addressing the drug abuse issues holistically and alongside other interconnected core social issues we face. We need to provide affordable housing and reduce the cost of living that drives people to depression, illegal activities and drug abuse.

We need to stop treating drug abuse as a criminal issue and instead treat it as a medical and mental health issue, with compassion and with a plan.

I am running for public office because I care deeply about Kauai and our future. I am committed to tackling the tough social issues we face and addressing our drug abuse crisis head on.

You can find out more about my platform and why I am running for State House of Representatives for District 14 (east and north Kauai) on my website at votefern.com.

Fern Anuenue Rosenstiel



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