Focus minds on peace, not war

I think the Republicans and Democrats should wisely join together to create national invincibility to terrorism, by adding new cost-effective military technologies.

Rifles are obsolete and cannot protect the nation against modern terrorism and warfare.

Let’s review the current dangers and then look at the best solutions. Submarine warfare utilizes sonar (sound) technologies. Destructive waves and frequencies are used to try and defeat the enemy submarine which also has shielding against such destructive waves (similar to copper and lead shielding around hospital X-ray rooms).

Whales that get in the way get their eardrums destroyed. This sonar warfare is at the invisible electromagnetic level, similar to cell phone signals. For example, the Dr. Oz Show mentioned children who have thinner skulls than adults have less shielding to some cell phones, which when held to the ear can damage their brains.

Russia, China and the U.S. are developing even more powerful technologies for war.

The point we will see here is by going to smaller structures like the atom, unleash more power than larger structures like a rifle creating a chemical gun blast. In physics, it is like the smallest guy at the beach can defeat the biggest bully.

Smaller is more powerful. So much for iron underground bunkers which are designed to protect from nuclear blasts: they could be theoretically be destroyed by the much smaller but stronger force unleashed by a military designed lepto-quark detonation.

The U.S., Chinese and Russian militaries are developing unified field solutions for military success, which are even 10,000 times more smaller and 10,000 times more powerful than this very, very powerful grand unified level.

However, fortunately this final level of “superunification,” like reaching the deepest point of the ocean where the pressure compresses to the smallest size, is calculated to be not destructive, but microscopically omnipresent, unifying, infinitely correlated and harmonizing. In other words the U.S., China and Russia can become unified allies to defeat rogue terrorists.

Ukrainian generals and the Ukrainian military are using such a more powerful harmonizing unified field military technology, Transcendental Meditation, to cost-effectively reduce regional conflicts, without having to fire bullets.

A recent talk at Island School by neuroscientist Dr. Alaric Arenander explained how this works. We can look within and create beautiful unitary transformations of “heaven within.” Says Dr. Arenander, “Unity measures itself. Current neuroscience has a contribution here.”

Many police forces, military academies and militaries, as well as brilliant school students, are creating regional peace by this quantum mechanical technology.

It is similar to creating a laser: Organize only 1 percent of the photons into coherence, and the remaining 99 percent disorderly photons are changed, by a rapid phase transition into a powerful laser.

Playing musical instruments, like the ukulele, to create harmony is a similar very good thing, but not at the deepest (smallest harmonizing scale) level of the ocean of consciousness, the unified field. Cost effectively, when only a group of 1 percent of the brightest minds use the most advanced harmonizing sonar weapon, TM, measured regional peace dawns.

Then the rifles could be used as backup or melted down into plowshares.


Will M. Davis is a Lihue resident.


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