Letters for July 19, 2016

Letters for July 19, 2016

Independence celebration hard to accept

It is disappointing to watch the Fourth of July being celebrated across Hawaii. Why? Because it is celebrating the independence our of colonial occupier, the American Empire — while Hawaii remains unfree.

Since 1893, the self-determination of the people of Hawaii has been thwarted by U.S. imperialist interests of capitalism. Our people and our national resources have been exploited and polluted for the gain of the United States military industrial complex.

I stand in solidarity globally with all freedom fighters for the working class, minorities and movements for national liberation. If elected to Congress, I will fight for Hawaiian independence, and to end celebrations in Hawaii like the Fourth of July.

In the words of Irish revolutionary Patsy O’Hara, “Let the fight go on.”

Rev. Dr. Eric Hafner

Mountainview, Hawaii

Warning signs should be posted near stream

My family and I are frequent users of Maha’ulepu Beach and have been for over 15 years. I can assure you that we and many, many other people use the Waiopili Stream for recreation. Families with young children and pets often play there. Numerous people walk through the stream to get from the hiking trails to the main part of the beach. Fishermen fish from rocks very near to the outlet.

I enjoy photography and have taken many photos of people using that area, including my own two young grandsons when they visit in the summer. We are very disturbed to find out that the stream is more polluted than any other on the entire island!

Whether the pollution is from human or animal fecal matter, or agricultural runoff, it cannot be healthy. I believe the Department of Health is remiss in performing its duties not to have signs posted there and has been too considerate of whatever political matters might be involved like “appearing to support the Hyatt’s lawsuit against the proposed dairy” or offending the Grove Farm landowners.

Protection of the public’s health would seem to be your legal responsibility. Signs should be posted because people do in fact use the mouth of the stream for recreational activities of many kinds.

Sara DeZerega


Dairy target of propaganda

In response to Allan B. White letter (TGI, July 17). “Dairy will affect all of us for the worse.”

After reading Mr. White’s letter several times, I realized that the meeting he attended and the information he received and the few thoughts that he wants to share with us is the results from the propaganda shared to him by the “Hammerquist lynching mob.”

Mr. White’s assumptions and information of manufactured fear mongering is the tactics of choice he has learned (and we all know what it means to assume).We, too, can all learn by listening to the Hammerquist propaganda commercial on radio ads.

Mr. White, don’t you think just maybe people might check zoning and uses of surrounding properties before buying property that allows uses you can’t live with? And then after buying it, say anything you like to convince people that this dairy can only be disastrous.

The only thing that’s disastrous are the people who can’t compromise or be compatible with others.

Steve Martin



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