Letters for July 14, 2016

• Planners preparing for war • Bus service changes a terrible idea

Planners preparing for war

In response to Morikawa and Kollar discussing the Dallas shooting’s effects on law enforcement on the island it should be noted that the militarization of the police was planned long ago.

I was at the Kauai Christmas parade soon after 9/11 and the Kauai Police Department had included in the parade, a Mobile Incident Command Center, complete with periscoping video cameras.

This ominous piece of equipment, surprising to see on a small island, caught my eye. Such equipment was distributed to all police stations in the country after 9/11 by DHS and the Pentagon. At the time, Chief Perry had a regular column in The Garden Island, The Chief’s Corner I believe it was called, and I asked him about the Mobile Incident Command Center.

He responded that the unit is necessary because of the increase of mainlanders moving to Kauai and bringing drugs. Since Justin Kollar has made campaign promises to clean up drugs, but never actually did so, substituting right action with campaign promises and increased access to funding; this piece of equipment, has never been used as advertised by KPD. It will be, however, in the future.

Wars are carefully planned, long in advance to restructure society, economy, land ownership and to ensure the continued power of the planners. Be prepared to see the Mobile Incident Command Center mobilized as the USA continues to implode as per the grand restructuring plan, and guns start firing … exactly as the planners want and expect.

Krisztina Samu, Koloa

Bus service changes a terrible idea

The Para Transit bus service is one of the many perks of being over 60 and living on the Garden Island.

Recently those at the top of the chain decided to change the computer system with a new GPS in every bus plus new dispatch computers showing all at the central location where every bus is every minute. Eventually down the road allowing customers access to seeing where buses are just by logging onto a computer or smartphone.

This all sounds great, however there is an old expression, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

Somebody decided that each Para Transit driver every day shall drive a different route. Before drivers had routes they were familiar with and riders that looked forward to their drivers knowing their needs. Many para transit customers are wheel-chair bound and have special needs. It takes time for the drivers to get to know the needs of those with special needs. A routine is imperative for the job to be done efficient.

This would be like having a cleaning service sending you a different person every week instead of having a person of routine who knows what you like.

The Para Transit drivers are some of the most Aloha-oriented people I have ever met. The people running the Kauai Bus have no idea what it’s like to be a passenger or driver, they seem to have no common sense?

Whomever is responsible for the recent change in demanding that every para transit driver have a different route every day needs to be fired — no second chances, no let’s talk about it.

I do not know how much money was spent on this new program for the Kauai Bus, but every driver I have talked with and every passenger I have spoke with is very disappointed. Most people say nothing because that is the local way.

The only people that are thrilled are the ones who sold the program and those who profited with commission sales through this idiotic program. It would be interesting to see who profited from this program and how much did this cost the taxpaying public?

Technology is not always the best choice, in many instances the human element out trumps (excuse the pun) them all.

James “Kimo” Rosen, Kapaa


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