Pay attention to ‘Signs’

There are many forms of personal divination in every culture. Hawaii is no exception!

Kahu Wendell Kalanikapuaenui Silva continues on this tradition by distilling the vast sum of Hawaiian mysticism and knowledge into the creation of “Hawaiian Birth Signs: Na Ho’ailona Hanau — The Hawaiian Lunar Calendar.” As the subtitle reads, his work is “representing the twelve monthly cycles of the Moon influencing every aspect of the Hawaiian lifestyle.”

Intrigued already?

While the Hawaiian culture did not have a zodiac per se, their kahuna used their knowledge of the lunar cycles, the stars, the birthday, weather conditions, and other things to divine indications of a person’s future character.

Each of the twelve lunar months and their solar equivalents are provided by their Hawaiian name and English name. Each month is provided by a particular characteristic or feature that embodies the essence of it. For instance, Ianuali (January) is Ka’elo (Wetness). As with generalizations of traits for the zodiac signs in both western and eastern astrology, each month/cycle has overall characteristics provided for each person born in those periods. For example, for those born in late June through July: “generally, people born in Hina-ia-‘ele’ele (Dark Moon) tend to be intensely sensitive, shy, timid, retiring, prefer to remain behind the scenes and enjoy their privacy.”

Sound like anyone you know?

What is fun is that there is a bounty of interesting historical information about how the ancient culture interpreted signs from above, the many Hawaiian names for things, and even some of the mythology as well, regardless of whether one accepts divine information or not. For those familiar with the older beliefs, this is a great addition to your knowledge and for everyone else a nifty way to learn a little about both the ancient ways and about yourself as well.


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