Letters for June 25, 2016

Letters for June 25, 2016

Manager system lacks support

Longtime Kauai families naturally trust their friends and so continue to vote them into county government — inefficiencies and all. “New” Kauai families, or else longtime Republicans, are still mostly in the minority and can’t get in their people, and so advocate a professional manager system to go around the “old boys.”

The manager system might be better, but the argument that a professional education is desirable in governance or that managers are usually popular is still unconvincing, and besides it clearly lacks popular support. That’s the long and short of this rather tiresome argument.

Dave Au

San Diego

Tiny Homes could have big impact

All this complaining about … density … housing … “not in my back yard”attitude. Yet,Tiny Homes are a perfect solution to all these problems. At less then 300 square feet, you can fit eight on a typical building lot. At $80,000 or less, your kids are looking at a $430 month mortgage at 3 percent for 20 years. The good Tiny Homes are completely off grid, no strain on our power grid or the Aina since no need for septic. One Tiny Home offers up to a family of four true affordable housing.

It also offers someone who leases a “Tiny Plot” to a Tiny Home owner in their backyard a small income to help them afford to live here, too. Are we really concerned about density? Then claw back land from the largest landowners on island who poisoned your parent or grandparents for decades with no punishment. Make them dedicate a couple hundred acres to Tiny Home neighborhoods. Why wouldn’t our young kids leave … when they inherit a $500,000 house but are left with more car dealerships and condos per capita then most places in America. Can you blame them for selling out the family residence?

Hearkening back to the “old ways” just brings anger and frustration. Doing something about it can give you pride of accomplishment and hope for a better tomorrow. Why close our doors to an idea that costs the state/taxpayers nothing … because the county doesn’t benefit directly from it. Our island is tiny — if we don’t gather like minded thinkers, the rich will overtake it.

Kevin Chizm



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