Letters for June 22, 2016

Letters for June 22, 2016

Wake up, America, to the real danger

It was interesting reading the letters to the editor on Saturday. Petra said that all of our society’s ills are related to patriarchy in her first sentence and then in the last sentence said only Bernie Sanders could save us.

Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times manufactured statistics that are completely incorrect figuring that no one would check the historical accuracy of his research or his facts … “more Americans are now killed from guns annually then on a yearly basis during the Civil War”… not true.

Wake up America! Although it is true that we need to weed out the crazies from getting guns, this is not an issue about gun control or about gays. Nor is it to be turned into an opportunity to politically ramrod violations to our Constitutional rights! It is about the invasion of America by radical fundamentalist Muslims who hold to the literal tenants of Islam and teachings of Mohammed.

Read the Surrahs of the Koran for yourself and come out of your blind denial. Isn’t it interesting that in the case of the 9/11 terrorists and in the case of the murderous rampage of Mateen in Orlando (and so many other cases), these men were obsessed sexually and yet blamed their lust on women?

Beware America. The wolves are at our door.

Dr. Gregg Townsley


Good guys with guns can save lives

KPD Chief Darryl Perry urges Kauai residents to fight for stricter gun control laws on the Garden Isle. How much more gun control does he want? We already cannot legally defend ourselves beyond our front door. Why is it whenever there is an insane criminal that takes up a gun, there is a political push to take the guns from all the good people? Every day all around the country (except Hawaii) good people are able to defend their lives and save the lives of others because they had a legal firearm.

Why then isn’t there a rush to train more responsible gun owners and allow them to carry concealed? If just one or two people at the Pulse nightclub would have had a legally concealed weapon the carnage could have been much less. But it’s a “gun free” zone meaning an easy target for a madman. It may be trite but it’s true, the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun and when seconds count the police are only minutes away.

Stan Lake



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