Good vibrations

Krisztina Samu said she wants to make the world a better place, and she’s doing that by creating and selling energy devices that are said to clear an area of potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation.

These orgonite energy devices, which vary in shape, color and size, are all made from three basic materials — resin, metal and crystals. The interplay between the ingredients creates a unique device that has the reputation of converting electromagnetic energy waves into a type of energy waves that help heal the body, she said.

Some people call this positive energy chi, others have dubbed it prana and in Hawaiian tradition, this life-force energy is known as mana.

The theory is that the waves that are produced by modern day technology have an affect on all of the planet’s life by disrupting biological electrical currents and interrupting homeostasis in the body.

Homeostatic imbalance can lead to a build up of toxins, decline in nutrient availability, and psychological and physical problems, as well as genetic and reproductive issues, Samu said.

“We’re living in a virtual soup of electromagnetic energy, microwaves, that kind of thing, with all of the devices and technology we have now,” she said. “Some people are really sensitive to it and don’t even like to put their cellphone up to their ear because it gives them a headache.

Orgonite’s beginning is attributed to Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, who discovered biological energy currents in the 1930s — the same type of energy that’s been dubbed mana, or chi — and coined the energy orgone.

He then set up what he called orgone accumulators — boxes made from varying layers of metal, crystals and a resin like material – which became reputable for curing cancer. Eventually these boxes birthed the concept of orgonite energy devices — which are more practical than a box large enough to fit a human.

“It’s been an underground movement for many years,” Samu said, “and just now it’s picking up speed again. There are people gifting the Earth with orgonite everywhere.”

Orgonite gifting is the process of depositing the energy devices in strategic places around the Earth — mostly around cell towers and high-powered technology. Samu has even made orgonite dolphin balls, small waterproof devices that can be dropped onto the ocean floor.

“The amount of radar and electromagnetic waves that are in the ocean are just as harmful to the sea life as it is to us,” Samu said. “Especially since they use sound waves to navigate. It makes them disoriented, but people are saying this helps.”

Samu said it’s easy to make your own orgonite energy devices at home — it just takes a bit of planning and gathering supplies, all of which can be purchased at the local hardware store, or online.

“It’s just metal shavings and resin — you can find those things at Ace (Hardware) or Home Depot,” Samu said. “For metal shavings you could get a copper pipe, or just get those metal dish scrubbers and cut it up with kitchen shears.”

To create various shapes, Samu pours the resin — tinted with color — into cupcake tins of multiple sizes, as well as a metal pyramid mold for the classic orgonite pyramid shape.

“It usually takes about a day for the layers to dry, but I can speed it up with having a fan on it,” Samu said. “Some people use a mold release spray to get them out once they’re dry, but I throw them in the freezer and then they just pop out.”

Once they’re out of the molds and are ready for use, the orgonite energy devices usually take their places next to the computer, on top of the wifi router, or next to the bed. Some people even wear them as jewelry to help boost their body’s energy levels.

For those who don’t want to take on the task of homemade orgonite, Samu sells orgonite devices online. Info:


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