Letters for June 18, 2016

Letters for June 18, 2016

Will this be the one?

In 2012 a gunman slaughtered 20 elementary school children in Connecticut … and we Americans, or at least our elected representatives, decided that was OK

Now another gunman has murdered 49 adults in Florida. Is it possible that this will be the carnage after which we join voices and tell the NRA to shove it — that target shooters (like me) and hunters do not need assault rifles and other weapons of mass destruction?

Is it possible that this could be the one? Or will we just shrug our shoulders, think “Another day, another slaughter in America,” and go back to business?

Craig Callaway

Portland, Oregon

Formerly Kapaa

Listen to your heart

We are in the midst of a massive shift on earth, from its self-destructive course of 5,000 years of patriarchy with the domination of power, control, and greed, using money accordingly. The 1 percent have indicated its intention to eliminate 95 percent of the population.

When it comes to GMO foods, Monsanto has been ousted in India and Third World countries after thousands of farmers committed suicide, basically due to the high cost of seed and failure of the promised food production. Yet we let these companies poison our little island.

The forces of light are increasing our planetary frequency and opening up hearts to their love identity. Our planetary destiny of self-destruction has been shifted to creating heaven on earth calling for a complete system change to support a new humanity.

In cooking jelly, the scum comes to the top for removal. So it is in cooking politics. Voices from the non-physical forces of light have indicated that Bernie Sanders is to be our next president. Pay attention and vote with your heart.

Petra Sundheim


It’s not about guns, it’s about leadership

Gun control! Really? The terrorist attack on innocent people was about gun control? Our president is so out of touch — so deluded with his own schema that he twists something so horrific into propaganda for his own agenda. Shameful!

I know fearful people exclaim that Donald Trump will get us into war. I’m sorry folks — we are in war. And, as evidenced by the shooting in Orlando, you could well find yourself on the front lines at any moment. These cowards prey on innocents, people completely unprepared, unarmed people who are doing nothing more offensive than going about their daily lives. That means that anyone, in any circumstances can be engaged in this war without any provocation without any preparation.

So what do we do now? How do we proceed as these families bury their dead and try to heal the wounded?

We take a hard look at how such a terrible thing can happen — like Boston — like San Bernardino — and now Orlando — and make decisions that will stop this kind of thing from happening.

It is time to stop saying it is a gun control problem and realize it is a leadership problem. The authorities had every opportunity to stop this guy in his tracks. Leadership’s concern for the sensitive feelings of the Middle Eastern communities that are established in the United States holds back the officials from doing their jobs.

We need leadership that is willing to do whatever it takes to stop terrorism.

Sandra Combs



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