We can do better than hate

The election season for president starts two years before the general election. Football season eventually draws to an end after the Super Bowl with a five-month, 16-game, plus-playoff demanding schedule. Baseball season eventually ends after the World Series and a grueling six months of 162 games and playoffs — however, the presidential election seems to never end.

Right now, it’s not about what the candidates can do for you, it’s about the hatred that one party, their candidate and its voters have toward the other party. The hatred has reached viral and pandemic proportions separating family and friends. This is not making America great again, but rather making America hate and lose its fate again.

Nobody I know is saying I love Hillary because she will do this and that, or I love “The Donald” because of this. People are saying Hillary is a crook and a liar, Trump is a racist, xenophobe, homophobe and narcissist. I reckon narcissist really doesn’t count, after all what politician isn’t narcissistic? Sadly, both candidates used the horrific shootings in Orlando minutes after the tragedy to benefit their own run for president.

These two candidates are not only battling each other but have torn families and friendships apart. These two candidates have destroyed America before either has even taken office.

It’s been tough being a Trump supporter in a predominately Democratic state with most my friends and family siding Democrat. I no longer believe as strong in “The Donald,” and at one point I actually liked Hillary. At this point, I believe both of these candidates are a cancer that can not be healed with radiation, “Kimo-therapy” (sic) or four years in the White House.

Everything about this election is about hate, from local talk story to national politics. It’s time to debate the issues and stop the back and forth child’s play of name calling. All this is getting really ugly and hard to take no matter what side your on — and there’s still five more excruciating months of this game they call election politics.

The good news is that the NFL football season starts in September and it will be much easier to change the channel. In the meantime, the show must go on. However, I am a realist and with all said; one candidate still out Trumps (sic) the other — some say the best of the two evils.


James “Kimo” Rosen is Kapaa resident and blogs daily at www.dakinetalk.blogspot.com


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