Hh: The power within love

Handwriting is a movement of life and spirit. As the writing progresses to the right, empowering qualities of the alphabet letters are activated within the writer encouraging a vibrant life.

The meaning of the letter “Hh” is Life. This letter supports you with feeling alive, vibrant, and having the vitality to live a wholesome day. The archetype of the letter “Hh” teaches you that life is movement and stillness. It is active and transforming. It is the power within love, beauty, harmony and balance that brings about change.

In writing the letter “H” you blend two polarized expressions of yourself: love/will, heart/mind, and intellect/intuition. This blending is represented by the two pillars and the unifying connection of the letter “H.”

The letter “H” appears like a gateway. In harmonizing opposing expressions of your nature, you prepare yourself to walk through the symbolic gate of your heart and mind to receive higher wisdom and understanding of how to have a fulfilling, vibrant life. Returning to practical life, you implement what you have learned about being genuinely alive and vibrant.

When you write the small letter “h,” you begin with an ascending movement to connect with ideals or dreams that you have for yourself. The descending movement is one that represents bringing those aspirations into expression or experience. You are reminded to have happy ideals and dreams so that you may enjoy a vibrant life. The design of the letter “h” also includes the initiative you must engage to have your dreams be a reality.

A vibrant life and happiness change the nature of your subconscious mind and alters the blueprint of your DNA molecules. Subsequently, biological systems become more refined allowing you to eventually transcend accepted physio- logical limitations. The research related to the new science of epigenetics has demonstrated that you can alter the print-out of the DNA.

The influence of the letter “Hh” in your life encourages you to focus on life-promoting thoughts, images, attitudes and attributes. They are the matrix for creating a vibrant life.


Angeline Welk of Princeville is a professional handwriting analyst. She writes this regular column for The Garden Island and maintains a website at http://ourlivingalphabet.com. She can be reached at alefangel@gmail.com


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