Letters for May 31, 2016

• Act quickly for treatment following cancer diagnosis • Think about the real problem on Kauai

Act quickly for treatment following cancer diagnosis

In a recent New York Times article by Gina Kolata on treatment options for men diagnosed with early prostate cancer, Dr. Alan J. Wein is quoted, “We need follow-up of at least 10 to 15 years to be sure we are not hurting these people.”

There is follow-up already available! Dr. Laurie Klotz has published results based on the 20-year experience of an active surveillance program of men with low-risk prostate cancer.

His findings show men have the same chance of being alive 15 years after diagnosis if they chose active surveillance, or if they had surgery or radiation treatment immediately after diagnosis. Most men still had not needed any other type of prostate cancer treatment.

Therefore, it follows that after a diagnosis of early stage, low-risk, low-volume prostate cancer, before making any treatment decision it is important for men to discuss the treatment option of active surveillance with their urologist.

David Derris, Prostate Cancer Patient Advocate, Honolulu

Think about the real problem on Kauai

Response to Vince Jones letter (TGI Forum, May 24).

Presley economics. Reduce the number of flights allowed to land on island. Cancel the airport expansion. Cancel all future advertising. Cap the number of hotels and condos allowed on island at 1990 levels. No new hotels, no new condos. Let the vacationers go to the other islands.

Keep Kauai how it is, or how it was a decade or more ago. This would fix the affordable housing issue. This would fix the TVR issue. This would fix the traffic issue. Yes, yes, yes, it would hurt business. It would hurt jobs.

The county seems fine with trying to regulate the island to death to control what locals do to try and make money off tourism all the while letting the big boys make hundreds of millions that don’t stay here but magically float away to New York, California, London and Beijing.

It’s a crime for some poor guy to try and teach surfing and make a few extra bucks or a retiree to rent out a room to try and pay for sky-rocketing property taxes. Enough is enough. You either want to live on an island maxed out with tourists and making as much money off them as you can or an island with a reasonable number of tourists and making less money.

The problem isn’t what locals do to make a buck. The problem is what the county allows multi-billion dollar companies and millionaire developers to do. It’s election time. Think.

David Presley, Hanalei


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