Letters for May 30, 2016

• Faith in Trump is misplaced • Biotechnology is not a bad word • Empty buses raise questions

Faith in Trump is misplaced

A letter appeared (TGI, May 18) that served to give the usual Trump shrug of the shoulders to his four bankruptcies.

“Oh, they’re just learning experiences!” went the argument! I’m sure that most people are aware of what happens in bankruptcy, investors get, if they’re “lucky,” 10 cents on the dollar for their investment.

“Oh, but these are those Wall Street guys we already hate!”

I’m sorry, but, it’s more likely a teacher retirement fund or Ma and Pa Kettle from Des Moines that takes the real hit; even have their lives ruined!

The “learning experience” was for those who put their faith in Donald Trump. It’s especially an “education” for those who trusted him regarding projects like Trump University or those Americans whose retirement dreams are slightly disturbed mounds of sand in Baja, California!

It’s high time the press ends its fawning celebrity worship and starts interviewing some of the “collateral damage,” also known as people, who were sacrificed for the sake of Trump’s extravagant lifestyle!

Those of us that know better, about Dear Donald, were amused that this letter appeared the same day as one about a “pig problem.”

We easily determined that it was “theme day” on TGI’s letters to the editor page!

Pete Antonson, Lawai/Manila

Biotechnology is not a bad word

Biotechnology is a hotly debated topic on Kauai and throughout the world. Many times when the topic is brought up the conversation will usually involve insect or herbicide resistance, which is what most people think of when they consider biotech crops.

The next generation of biotech crops goes far beyond that with benefits for both the farmer and the consumer. Take the Artic apple and the Innate potato as examples. Both contain only native DNA and resist bruising. This means that both will stay fresher longer and not wind up in a trash can or left in the field to rot.

There’s also products like the one that I’m currently working on here on Kauai that have health benefits for everyone. We are working with canola plants that are high in Omega-3 oils. This will play an important role in reducing the amount of fish that are taken annually to obtain Omega-3s and will help everyone prevent heart disease. Plus the oil will be tasteless instead of fishy when taken as a supplement.

So when you think of biotechnology, it is no longer just about bugs or weeds, it’s about being sustainable and providing a healthier future for everyone. As the old saying goes, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Keith Horton, Waimea

Empty buses raise questions

Can someone explain, why our Kauai Bus travel with no one on the bus and “No Service” light on?

On May 16, 2016, I followed a Kauai Bus from Kekaha to PMRF. There was no one on the bus and the SNo Service” light was on.

I’ve seen his same situation several times between Lihue to the Westside on Kaumualii Highway.

Isn’t that a waste of taxpayer money and fraud waste and abuse of the vehicle and gas?

Howard Tolbe, Eleele


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