Letters for May 24, 2016

• Support bill on birth control • Consider which economic package you support 

Support bill on birth control

Accessing birth control should be as easy as possible. Most prescriptions allow for only one to three months at a time. This is a huge deterrent to consistent use, especially if you are in school and working or have children and more than one job.

The Hawaii Legislature has passed SB 2319, a bill that would ensure women across Hawaii consistent and uninterrupted access to birth control. Bill 2319 would permit women to receive 12 months of birth control at a time resulting in fewer unintended pregnancies. Please help me encourage our governor to sign SB 2319 to require insurance companies to cover 12 months of birth control.

Esther Solomon


Consider which economic package you support

Yukimura economics: Take advantage of state-allowed 0.25 percent GET increase which would increase the excise tax load by 6.25 percent for everyone, locals and visitors. To keep expenditures fixed if necessary, locals could spend $399 instead of the $400 they would have spent without the GET increase … that’s a 0.25 percent reduction in spending needed to keep local’s total costs fixed! Result: no one would be “hurt” as Kauai Council members so readily advertise, and visitors would continue to come to Kauai supporting the island economy and county government.

Hooser economics: Leave the GET rate the same and, since the TAT is currently capped, raise property taxes on resort-designated hotels, condominiums and homes … and add a new $300 per rental car annual tax. Result: visitors experience higher costs for accommodations and transportation which will cause many visitors — who would have come to Kauai — to visit other Hawaiian Islands instead of Kauai … resulting in lower visitor industry business which, in turn, will lower county tax income tax revenues causing the county to end current services and/or pass another tax!

To me it is fairly obvious which economic-package would be best for the overall economy of Kauai and its county government … and which council candidates this year should be supported.

Vince Jones


Trump has many flaws

In response to Kimo Rosen’s letter (TGI, May 17): If Trump’s only flaw was his failed businesses, he wouldn’t have opposition.

I won’t get into all of the bullying, name-calling, misogyny, racism and mentality of a 5-year-old he possesses. Learning from your failures can provide you with wisdom but it is not the end-all-be-all. The Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that people with a college degree earned 98 percent more than those without. The Pew Institute study shows that college grads are more likely to be employed full time than those without.

It’s not Trump’s failures, it’s his hypocrisy.

He stated he didn’t like John McCain, because he likes people who weren’t captured. If that isn’t the height of hypocrisy I don’t know what is. Don’t forget his failed business deals and bankruptcy are paid for with our tax dollars.

Trump states he is very good at avoiding taxes. Is that someone you really want representing you on the world stage? A person who knows how to take advantage of the laws and the systems he is supposed to represent and use it for his own profit and brag about it?

Viewing the rest of the world, the poor, the functionally disabled, or women, or POWs as the “enemy” and something that a leader has to protect us from, is a half a step away from tyranny.

JB Foucault



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