Letters for April 29, 2016

• Don’t cast blame for monk seal attack • Negative vote might be a solution

Don’t cast blame for monk seal attack

I am appalled by the statement from Kumu Sabra Kauka. “She said sometimes this kind of aggression toward the Hawaiian Monk Seals stems from the commercial fishing community and the mindset that the seals are stealing the fish from their nets.”

I feel these kinds of baseless statements only further divide the community making local problems worse and harder to find a pono solution.

Charles Moon, Waimea

Negative vote might be a solution

I can understand why so many people seem to be supporting Trump. He says things that get to the core of how they feel and it gets everybody riled up against the way government is run now.

Everybody is hoping for the “change you can believe in” that Obama promised. And, of course, we haven’t seen. But face it, Trump acts like a clown when he is on the public forum. He did on his show, “The Apprentice,” and he does now. He has temper tantrums, insults people and expects us to believe and support every stupid word that comes out of his mouth.

Even when I try to be open minded and actually listen to his speeches, I’m just always repelled by his manner of treating people, all people. I’ve never seen so much violence in a presidential election, either. But, maybe the people that support him also support violence.

I wish I could vote a negative vote for somebody. Instead of voting for the one I dislike the least, which is voting for one candidate to make sure the other one doesn’t get in office. Why couldn’t I cast a negative vote that would cancel a vote for someone I don’t want to get elected. You might think that sounds silly, but it should be a viable option for those that can’t pick one they like. I really can’t picture any of those that are running for president representing us on an international stage and the head of our great nation.


Jack Custer, Kalaheo


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