Letters for April 28, 2016

• Kouch’s declaration requires more critical look • Trump, the election and the Jewish connection

Kouch’s declaration requires more critical look

What I learned from the April 26 article where our Senate President is declaring no conflict of interest: 1) There is a surplus of Transient Accommodation Tax (TAT) money collected from tourists and is being held at the state level; 2) A private land investor may be getting a share of that money into his pocket. 3) Our Senate president is a former partner with this person and may still be friends with him.

After years of trying, our County Council seem to have given up on getting a share of that TAT money to help pay for the impact of tourists on Kauai. Now they are planning an increase in the GE tax, that we all pay with every purchase, to replace the lost TAT collections.

Anyone else see the many problems associated with this?

Michael Taylor, Princeville

Trump, the election and the Jewish connection

Jewish families in many instances would rather see their children on drugs than convert to Christianity. Old school teaching when I was a kid was that Christians were anti-Semites. As I grew up I found that to be totally the opposite. I found many Christian groups to be not only supportive of their Jewish neighbors and friends but to have a true bond and love for them.

Bernie Sanders is probably less Jewish than the other two top contenders running for President. He is only Jewish because his parents happened to be Jewish, Bernie is a non practicing Jew.

Donald Trump’s pride and joy, his daughter Ivanka converted to Orthodox Judaism when she married back in 2009, making all of Trumps Grandchildren through Ivanka, Jewish.

Hillary and Bill Clinton’s daughter Chelsea is also married to a Jewish man, however Chelsea did not convert to Judaism.Therefore she is not Jewish in the eyes of orthodox Judaism, however the reform movement has no problem with her being Jewish.

The three main candidates running for POTUS all have their Jewish connection. While others say,”if Sanders wins he will be the first Jewish President, If Hillary wins she will be the first woman President, and if Trump wins, the joke goes, he will be the last President.”

On a similar note, a Facebook friend of mine would rather see their child smoking pot than a Donald Trump supporter. Seriously? I am able to be independent and not controlled by one party or one way of thinking as are the masses. How about you?

People seem to have zero tolerance for Trump supporters. They consider themselves free thinkers, yet they post nothing but hate against Trump on social media—verses posting positive thought about their candidate?

I talk to people on the streets and at the Supermarket, on the bus, and wherever I may be. People approach me and tell me they like Trump but are afraid to even talk to their wives, husbands, boyfriends or girlfriends in fear of rejection and being in the doghouse. According to political polls people are obviously voting for Trump, however most people are not copping to it.

How does this happen? Many people vote for Trump but will not admit it publicly.

The good news for me,(since I’m Jewish) whomever wins this coming election—-means America will have a Jewish connection in the White House. Who become our country’s Mensch?

Bagels, lox and dancing the Israeli Horah at the Inauguration! Can everybody say, OY!

James “Kimo” Rosen, Kapaa


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