Letters for April 9, 2016

Letters for April 9, 2016

Be aware of internal threats

When our Constitution was being created, while the nation was surrounded by external threats from the European empires (The British in Canada, the French in the whole of the “Louisiana Purchase,” the Spanish in Mexico as well as the rest of Central and South America and Florida, and Russian in the Northwest including Alaska) and the Native American Federations, our Founding Fathers (who were rebelling against an insane King of England) were writing a Constitution that, before anything else, seeks to protect us from the abuse of the power that our own government holds over us.

They were more concerned with internal, as opposed to external, threats. And so should we all. Worry less about threats from overseas, and more about overzealous “patriots” who delude themselves that they have some right to imprison vast numbers of their fellow citizens because those citizens believe and act as if they were sovereign in their own minds and bodies.

Especially now that John Ehrlichman (Google it!) admits that the war on drugs was a deliberate plan by Nixon’s administration to stop the progress of “the anti-war hippies, and the blacks (like Martin Luther King Jr.) because, although the government wanted desperately to arrest them, they couldn’t because these groups were based and acted on strictly non-violent and legal principles.

You cannot stop, or even hinder, the march of freedom through history, anyway. For all our sakes, please start learning how to respect the fundamental human rights of your adult brothers and sisters to ultimately own and control, whatever the consequences, the space within their own living flesh and skin, where no person or persons may ever have any legitimate authority whatsoever.

Marty Mills


Not voting because it doesn’t really matter

A letter in today’s TGI (4/3/16) got the title closer to the actual truth of the matter by using the word apathy whereas the letter writer used the words “troubling indifference” when describing voter turnout recently.

We that don’t vote have our reasons and it isn’t because we don’t care. We care a lot, but it just doesn’t seem to make any difference who gets elected. Why? Because all those that are potential presidential candidates are lacking what it would take to actually earn our votes.

What does that mean? It’s the same as it’s always been. They say what they want you to hear hoping to get your vote. I’ve heard it so many times before that a person will say to me, “Well, he said he’s a Christian so I’m gonna vote for him,” yet the candidate does everything that demonstrates they don’t follow any mandate at all.

So, just trying to get elected to reach the top of the ladder in politics doesn’t mean you’ll do a good job at it. It just means you are a great salesperson. So, I’m gonna quote myself and say what I’ve said before: I can’t decide who to vote for because none of them have clearly convinced me that they can run the country better than the next person, so for me, it’s like trying to decide which snake to bite me.

If you have a clear choice in mind, please vote, but for the rest of us, we’ll just watch the performances.

Jack Custer


More buses won’t solve traffic woes

I don’t mean to be hateful or mean but our council and mayor are not going to solve our traffic whoas by increasing bus service. No one is going to give up their cars and maybe two or three people might ride their bike to work, but what if it’s raining? Fix the roads or build an EL like Chicago. Or have any of you been anywhere that things function correctly? I doubt it.

Joseph Lavery



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