Letters for April 7, 2016

• Thank you for returning lost wallet • Trump supporters not the ones in the wrong

Thank you for returning lost wallet

To the kind visitor who found my wallet in Safeway Waipouli: I am sorry to be unable to thank you to your face for your generous deed — perhaps you will read this in the newspaper and recognize yourself. Or perhaps someone will read this and recognize you as the intended recipient. I hope so.

Whoeverand wherever you are, many mahalos to you.

H. Wyeth, Anahola

Trump supporters not the ones in the wrong

In response to Richard Robinson letter on April 2. “Something seriously wrong with Trump supporters”

I can see where the liberals and the corporations are afraid of the free speaking Trump. He speaks what is on the minds of many Americans even though his delivery is not “politically correct.” He addresses many issues that are harming America. I don’t often agree with his execution, but I do like that he is not a career politician that plays the Washington games. That has not worked in the past.

You mention Trump is racist and oppresses other religions, and is misogynist. Well, I can see where you might not have heard from the liberals that we have Muslim extremists that want to kill us. They cannot even utter the word Muslim extremist. They say jihadist as not to offend anyone. Heaven forbid we offend the religion who says the west is evil. The mast majority of Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq etc, consider themselves fundamentalist. Do the homework. That means Syria law. Hilary says the idea of newcomers posing a danger “is not who we are.” The nations top security experts say they cannot vet individuals coming from high security nations. But the liberals are kumbaya, ya’all come over here! Sorry, I am not for that and I admire a person that is not afraid to say it.

They say Trump’s rhetoric is what incites Muslims to terrorism. Really! Think about that stupid statement. Hmmm … and Trump doesn’t like woman. Some woman I suppose, I don’t like some women either. But he sure has a host of women and gay women working in top positions for him. The abortion statement was careless, but who among us hasn’t made a statement they regret.

And finally “it is not aloha.” I lived in Hawaii for five years. I didn’t get much of that aloha. I was treated different than the locals even thought I was raised on a tiny island for a majority of my life.

It is your choice, like everyone else, to vote for a candidate knowing the facts. You have belittled people who do not think as you do. I choose not to vote for a Democratic socialist. I choose not to vote for Hilary who has a long record of wrong doing and lying to the people she serves.

Pure and simple, your letter was hateful. There was no need to call anyone wearing a Trump T-shirt stupid. In the “aloha spirit,” you owe Kimo an apology.

Carrie Eckert, La Quinta, California


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