Letters for March 24, 2016

• Skateboards unite community • Emotional letter points lots of fingers • Kindness creates a better world

Skateboards unite community

What a great day for skateboarding on Kauai! A true community effort with special thanks to the team at Anaina Hou (Krystal, Uncle D and crew), Kauai Skate Ohana (Todd, Mark, and the boys), and the many others for organizing the skate competition on Saturday at Anaina Hou Community Park.

The energy from the kids, parents, and community was great. If the success of the event can be me measured in happy faces, from the kids to the parents and volunteers, then this one was a huge, huge success. Hopefully, this will continue to build momentum to support skateboarding for the kids on Kauai. These kids can charge and we need to come together to support their effort to build a skatepark. If you need to be in inspired, watch these little guys and girls skate and work hard at learning new skills and tricks. They support each other and are stoked when their friend lands a new trick.

After all its not about falling down but getting up one more time than you fall! A great life lesson for us all … and one the kids are learning everyday they get on their skateboard.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the event a huge success.

Chad Pimentel, Kapaa

Emotional letter points lots of fingers

Ned Whitlock has taken the classic activist posture (TGI, March 6) and provided us with an emotional appeal, complete with anti-corporate conspiracy theory, impressive looking study references, and the charge that opposition to his point of view consists of industry propaganda!


The scientific and regulatory consensus is that the 750 glyphosate products are safe if used properly. So, how do we address Ned’s impressive looking “independent” study list? The first one is from 2009 by CA©line Gasnier, et al. Guess who’s part of the et al? Gilles-Eric Seralini is. If that name seems familiar it’s because Seralini is the founder of the anti-GMO group CRIIGEN who later, infamously, produced the “French Rat Hoax Study!”

Ned, this is not an independent study at all. It’s a CRIIGEN study! I translated one peer review in French that claimed this study was also a hoax for using plant cells instead of the liver cells they claimed to use!

Look, I’m not looking at the other two studies. They are 12 and 6 years old and did not change the consensus. This is probably due to results only for in vitro or only in animal based experiments. As I wrote recently (TGI March 5), the scientific consensus and regulators take into account a combination of epidemiology, animal, and petridish style experiments with consistent results. They also make their declarations based on reasonable expectations of doses for you and I as well as those who work with the 750 glyphosate products.

Extremely high dosages are one of the biggest problems with activist-based studies.

Pete Antonson, Lawai

Kindness creates a better world

We are so blessed to live in a place where the “freedom of speech” allows us to express our thoughts and feelings openly as a personal right. In the process, however, let us try to remember that we, who live here in the islands of aloha should consider ways in which we can be less vehement and caustic in our appraisal of others.

While it may “feel good” to tear people apart, all that has really been accomplished is a temper tantrum of frustration.

Sit back, relax, and go find some roses to smell or direct your energy toward a random act of kindness you can render to someone in need.

Greater benefits will be derived all the way around!

Jose Bulatao, Jr., Kekaha


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