Letters for March 21, 2016

Letters for March 21, 2016

Tourney turned back the clock

Before I begin my work day I want to let you know how incredibly gracious and caring the entire Kauai crew were to their guests (during the recent pickleball tournament in Kalaheo). You made us feel at home. Should the next Aloha State Games come to Oahu, you all have given us very big shoes to fill. We hope to come close.

If you have ever seen the movie “Cocoon” about a group of trespassing seniors who swim in a pool containing alien cocoons that energize them with youthful vigor, well, that is what it felt like at the gym in Kauai this weekend.

The gym was our “pool” and we walked in with aches and pains and some of us had some mental baggage; but, once in the gym and playing the game, we became kids again.

The entire weekend to me was a step back into time, into younger days when all I had to worry about was, well, nothing. You and your crew fostered that wonderful feeling of being a kid again. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you again, all of you, for making that happen for so many of us.

Monica Cullis


Trump not afraid to speak the truth

This is in response to Mr. Bill Peterson’s March 16 letter (TGI, Forum), “Trump a terrible candidate.” Mr. Peterson is right, Mark Beeksma’s letter should not have been compared to Bill Clinton.

Mr. Clinton, as well as any other politician, would have never thought to build a wall as Mr. Trump has. If a wall had been built a long time ago we wouldn’t have had all the problems we have today with illegal immigrants. While I must agree that Mr. Trump may need a few filters at times, he is definitely the only person to run for our highest office that isn’t afraid to tell the truth about what’s wrong with our country and how to make it great once again.

As gray haired as Mr. Peterson wants us to all believe, he should know better on how to read between the lines of what Mr. Trump is trying to tell us. The actions of our current administration, as well as past, is a direct reflection of why our country is in the dire straits it is.

Mr. Trump is the spokesman for all of us that have had enough of Washington’s political antics that have put this country in the pit of where it is today and will continue until we the people make the changes to fix it. No one can make me believe that a vote for Trump could be any worse than the election of a junior senator/professional garage sale organizer has been for our country the last eight years.

Steve Martin



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