Letters for March 14, 2016

Letters for March 14, 2016

Developers seem to get their way

To follow up on Paulo Tambolo’s excellent Forum article in Tuesday’s paper, I just want to add that it is doubtful that the County Council, along with Permit and Planning, will never cease to turn down the developers.

Right now before our eyes, the once-open space between the Coconut Beach Marriott and the Kauai Beach Resort (ole Beach Boy) is now undergoing being walled in. Yes, a wooden wall of 8 or more feet tall is being erected along the makai side of Aleka Loop. I understand, and could be mistaken, that the developer is working on a permit granted in 2007. If this is true, they should have submitted a much more recent environmental assessment, to assess our infrastructure concerns.

Is the old organization “A Thousand Friends of Kauai” still around?

Bill Null


Kauai facing many challenges

As a visitor annually for the last 30 years, I’ve seen changes both good and bad. I worry with the lack of infrastructure and the potential of reopening Coco Sands and a new mega resort along Aleki Loop that what is already broken will be a detriment to locals as well as tourists.

And what is purposed is a “good time” gas tax of 15 cents a gallon? How much of that will really get to problem fixing or will it be just to cover unfunded benefits of bad union contracts that undermine not only here but nationwide?

The county owes it to the locals to correct the back transportation needs before the first nail is driven.

If it is as important to have, then it is also important to support.

Jim Price

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Republican Party has lost focus

In the Feb. 25 TGI article titled, “I’m afraid he would get my vote,” I see a disturbing scenario playing out. The article mentions how many Republicans are shocked by the appeal of Trump, by what he says about women and immigrants, and how they are worried about his ability to engage in diplomacy or keep the country safe. But, they would vote for him nevertheless because they are Republican. One Republican even said she would consider moving to Canada after voting for him.

It is a sad state that the Republican Party’s front runner is in that position primarily because he has the best chance of beating Clinton. Why couldn’t the Republican Party come up with one candidate with a genuine platform rather than one based on denigrating everyone else; i.e. Republicans, Democrats, present and former presidents, the pope, etc.

The campaign is becoming more and more like a competition in a reality TV show. And it is being spearheaded by an expert in that arena. The process of narrowing the field from 17 candidates to five was like a season of “The Apprentice,” “The Voice” or “Survivor” show. Do we want someone who can “Outwit, Outlast and Outplay” to be president? Has the Republican Party lost its focus so it has to start off with 17 candidates? Whatever happened to quality rather than quantity?

Trump’s plan to “make America great again” by bullying his way to the nomination is not the way to gain the respect and support of Americans or the rest of the world. Voting for him as a vote against Clinton will only increase the divisiveness that is hurting this country.

Valerie Lee



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