Letters for March 10, 2016

• Trump could be another Bill Clinton • Trump a result of Republican Party’s actions

Trump could be another Bill Clinton

Trump spent most of his life supporting Democrats and left-wing causes. Recently, he switched parties, started talking conservative, and is now poised to get the GOP nomination. Bill Clinton started out with a left-wing agenda, following his wife’s lead in pushing for socialized medical care. The attempt failed miserably and in 1994 the voters responded by giving the House to Republicans for the first time in 40 years.

When the voters put in a conservative congress, Bill just changed course and got out in front of the parade going the other direction. After 1994, Bill followed Gingrich’s plans with a conservative fiscal agenda leading to big cuts in domestic spending, balanced budgets, and strong job growth.

Hillary failed miserably in Bill’s early years, sparking a conservative revolution. Her performance as Secretary of State was tragic, as brave Americans died needlessly in Benghazi and many countries degenerated into radical powderkegs under her leadership.

She also compromised national security and will likely need to be pardoned to avoid prison time. After eight years with one party, voters usually decide to give the other party a chance. For these reasons, a Hillary victory this fall seems unlikely.

Next year, we may once again have a Republican Congress and a President Trump who, like Bill, wants to be at the head of the parade, but doesn’t seem to mind which way the parade is going. This combination actually worked out pretty well last time.

Mark Beeksma, Koloa

Trump a result of Republican Party’s actions

In his March 5 letter (TGI Forum) my friend Steven McMacken povided a quote from H. L. Mencken to explain Trump’s success. While I agree that the dumbing down of America is a major reason for Trump’s success in this race, I don’t agree with H. L. Mencken on the source of this dumbing down. I don’t know how many of you attended public school, but of those who did, do any of you recall ever being subjected to some kind of indoctrination which could be mistaken for what Mencken describes?

My public school education was most definitely not like this, and I grew up in the comparatively “regressive” state of Tennessee! I think people love to hate public schools, the way some love to hate gays or we all love to hate lawyers.

Trump’s success is a direct result of the Republican Party’s constant anti-political-correctness drumbeat over the past several decades. It has now reached such a fever pitch that the most impressionable among the Republican Party’s ranks have lost all sense of reason. The chickens have now come home to roost, and boy are they making a mess!

The Republican Party singlehandedly created this scenario with decades of irresponsible speech which has numbed people to such speech that a person like Trump can say whatever he wants, be lauded as a hero for doing it, and be considered as the best person available to hold the nation’s highest position and be the “leader of the free world.”

The adage “Physician, heal thyself!” applies in a most poetic way. I hope the leaders of the Republican Party now understand how dangerous their behavior has been … but I doubt it.

Michael Mann, Lihue


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