Letters for March 8, 2016

Letters for March 8, 2016

Let’s do something about Queen’s Bath

It’s unbelievable that nothing is being done to protect the public from the extreme danger at Queen’s Bath during high surf conditions.

A visitor died and the only recommendation is to trash the guide book. How about doing the sensible thing and closing the parking lot and trail by a rope and posting a large red danger sign. Who in his right mind would go down the trail with such a warning?

Assign the Princeville Security Patrol the duty to post the sign and close off the parking lot when there is a high surf warning. That’s what is done at various beaches where the danger is much less. Getting hit by a wave on the rocks down there is certain death because the waves break on the rocks.

But be realistic, Queen’s Bath is one of the most beautiful spots on the island and dangerous only a few days a year. Why not provide adequate parking so we who live there don’t have cars lined up on Punahele waiting 30 minutes for a space. This problem as well as the drownings and injuries has gone for many years and nothing ever gets done and this death is a direct result of that inaction.

Benjamin Halpren

Atherton, Calif.

‘Aloha’ lives on beautiful Kauai

A week or so ago, the “aloha spirit” took on an enriched meaning to my bride and myself.

We have had the privilege of being guests of the island many times over the past 45 years but had never explored the sea shore south of Anahola. So we intrepidly proceeded on the cane haul road in our rented four-wheel drive SUV.

Probably not surprisingly, we promptly became dismally mired in soft sand. After about fifteen minutes of dark contemplation, a very pleasant young man in his 20s came along on his motorbike and offered his assistance. The situation still looked rather formidable. Then another young man came along in his large pick up; with, thankfully,a tow rope.

Fifteen minutes later, we were rescued. These extremely cordial gentlemen emphatically refused any payment, insisting that they were merely demonstrating the aloha spirit.

So how can my wife and I express our gratitude? We will be more kind and generous to the waitresses and others who serve us. We will pick up hitch hikers. We will be cordial to everyone we meet.

Next year we will return again to beautiful Kauai. Beautiful indeed for its incredible mountains and beaches (though we will not again venture South of Anahola). Far more beautiful for the aloha of its people.

Paul T Manion

Hoopeston, Illinois

More bike lanes won’t cure traffic mess

Larry Bergh, bravo for your fine, truthful article (TGI, Jan. 24), “Only more roads will improve the traffic flow on Kauai.”

For years, a group of us have been echoing the the very same thoughts that you bring up in your letter.

Does it really take engineers, planners or consultants at a cost of thousands of dollars to tell us that we need wider and alternate roads on Kauai to alleviate the traffic problems that have plagued us for so long?

As Mr. Bergh so wisely states, “predictably every study (they) come up with offers the same suggestions: more buses, more sidewalks and more bike paths.”

While our planners put more and more bike lanes in their long range plans, the question that screams for an answer is why — who is mandating that these paths be built? As Councilman Kagawa asks, they narrow our roads (like the plans for Rice Street) and do nothing but worsen traffic.

Who with any common sense is pushing bikes, buses and walking down our throats, whereas no one will ever abandon their vehicle for any other means of transportation.

Citizens, council members, and mayor please think about this: A professional, experienced manager would be your aide, your tool to addressing the problems that Mr. Bergh and letter after letter points out. There is no downside to trying this system since it is always reversible. But the proven upside is that problems will get solved and our county could restore millions of dollars in our depleted general fund by the efficiency put into our system.

Glenn Mickens



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