Letters for Dec. 31, 2015

• FDA corruption deserves community forum • Guests should be better prepared for tsunamis

FDA corruption deserves community forum

Thank you Dr. Richman, for pointing out that genetic engineering could modify the sex life of mosquitoes thereby reducing their population to hopefully eliminate the transmission of the dengue fever virus. This could also help reduce the over use of mosquito insecticides which can have damaging effects on human health as a side effect.

You may be unaware that there have been many letters in The Garden Island describing dangerous side effects of genetic engineering, as is also the case, we all know, with many pharmaceuticals.

There is also a conflict of interest having a former Monsanto attorney, Michael Taylor, placed in charge of the FDA to rubber stamp approval of genetically engineered (GE) foods. Why?

Monsanto admitted on the Dr. Oz Show, Dec. 7, 2010, regarding bacterial and/or viral insecticide proteins engineered inside corn, soy, or papaya, “There is no need or value in safety testing GM food for humans.”

Thus the numerous negative side effects from GE food have been published by independent researchers in many medical and toxicology journals.

Research published in Reproductive Toxicology, in 2011, shows Monsanto’s resilient GE insecticides have reached the human fetus, where they are bio-accumulating. Research published in Toxicology, in 2012, shows only trace quantities of these copyright bio-toxins, and in various toxic combinations, can kill human embryonic cells.

Hawaii is a relatively small state, but has one of the highest rates of open-air GE field tests in the U.S. — in 2014, chemical companies conducted GE field tests on over 1,381 sites, reports Pesticides in Paradise: Hawaii’s Health and Environment at Risk, May 6, 2015.

A comprehensive Lancet Neurology review study, published in 2014, proves Kauai’s high use of neurotoxicant chlorpyrifos may already be causing brain damage and subsequent mental retardation to prenatal and post natal Kauai children. Please notice, since the Waimea Veteran’s hospital, as all U.S. hospitals, can presumably not blood test for many corporate copyright biotech toxins, the damage goes unmeasured, misdiagnosed and undetected. Please Google “Jane Goodall and attorney Steven Druker expose U.S. government fraud over GMO.”

Scientific American published on March 25, 2015, “The World Health Organization’s research arm declares glyphosate a probable carcinogen. What’s the evidence?”

The fact that U.S. hospitals cannot lab test for Monsanto’s glyphosate is another example of the fraud that is created by Monsanto.

We agree it is time for a community forum to discuss these issues because there are medical physicians and scientists who would like to present, in Kauai, the dangers created by corruption in the FDA management.

Will M. Davis, Lihue

Guests should be better prepared for tsunamis

Four years ago while on vacation in Kauai with my family, I witnessed my first (and hopefully last) tsunami. We had created a well-planned itinerary for the trip that included excursions such as ziplining and snorkeling. It did not even cross our minds that we would be woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of sirens signaling a tsunami on our second-to-last night. Being from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we had never experienced a tsunami before, and definitely lacked preparation to deal with this kind of natural disaster. I think it is incredibly important to educate tourists on evacuation protocols in order to help minimize panic in an emergency situation.

Tsunamis may occur anywhere from several minutes to many hours after a severe earthquake hits. There is not necessarily an adequate amount of time to prepare to evacuate, this is why it is important to be educated about evacuation protocol before a tsunami strikes. I believe that guests staying on Hawaiian Islands should be required to practice an evacuation drill within the first 24 hours of check-in. If you are woken up in the middle of the night to sirens, you want to be comfortable in the steps it takes to evacuate the building and get to a safe location. I believe that a practice drill would alleviate the panic that may arise in the occurrence of a tsunami.

Additionally, I believe that hotels should be required to have guests sign off on a document stating that they are comfortable with the evacuation procedures. There should be copies of this document in each hotel room so guests can review the procedure at any time. These documents should include the locations of Safe Zone and Refuge Centers within the county where guests may relocate to. I would like to draw attention to this issue in hopes that hotels will be required to have more clear evacuation procedures in order to ensure the safety of their guests.

Hawaii is an incredible beautiful state with so much to offer tourists. While many people visit for the beaches and the excursions, it is necessary to prepare them for natural disasters that may occur during their trip. Having lived through an experience like this, I want to be sure that other guests of Kauai, Hawaii, are prepared in the event of a tsunami. Please help me spread awareness about the necessity of educating guests on evacuation procedures.

Taylor Glowaski, State College, Pennsylvania


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