Letters for Dec. 30, 2015

• Threads For Teens hopes to bring Pop Up Event to Kauai • Start new year with solutions for old problems

Threads For Teens hopes to bring Pop Up Event to Kauai

I am Leanna Thesken, a sophomore at Kauai High. For several months, I have been working with Threads For Teens, a nonprofit organization, to host a Pop Up Event to benefit girls on Kauai. This event will include a mini shopping experience, guest speakers, makeovers and interactive activities all in the hopes to empower young women. I truly believe that clothing goes beyond the looks and into the minds and feelings of everyone. Although, not everybody is able to feel confident in what they wear due to the lack of support and resources. This is why I am hosting this event, to give an opportunity to girls in need.

I am asking that if you know any teen girl on Kauai who would benefit, please contact me leannathesken@gmail.com, or nominate them at threadsforteens.org

Thank you for your generosity and support!

Leanna Thesken, Koloa

Start new year with solutions for old problems

As we enter the new year, here’s some observations from a long-time resident.

Traffic: This, as we all know, is unbearable. Limits on number of vehicles allowed on island could be a solution, but nobody seems even willing to consider or discuss that. Staggered work and school schedules would also help. I wonder how much money has been spent on wages for contraflow compared to installing a system of devices that raise and lower automatically as one sees in Europe?

New garbage system: Wow, what an improvement. Now, we get to look at garbage cans lining the streets all week, trash that falls out of the trucks along the roads — and pay more for it, to boot. Not to mention the flies breeding in the left-out cans. Pay as you throw is another example of a negative incentive seemingly so popular with government. A more positive one would be to add a 1-cent county surcharge to existing HI-5 program for all non-biodegradable containers (i.e., alcohol and wine bottles, plastic milk jugs, etc.). I am certain more people would recycle those if paid to do so. Another possible solution to the garbage crisis might be to adapt the method used in many cities, (i.e., mix all the recyclables together and create jobs by hiring folks to separate the stuff at recycling spots).

Marijuana (medical, recreational) and industrial hemp: This is a no brainer; just legalize the stuff and let everybody who wants to grow their own. Kauai could export to all the 23 states that have legalized medical use. As far as industrial hemp is concerned, all that is needed is the machine to separate the fiber from the seed and stalks (expensive but they do exist) and a whole new industry could thrive on Kauai. Food from seed, bio-plastics, fiber, etc. If Canada can do it, why not here? This could create even more jobs than the GMO and glycophosphate research currently poisoning our soil and people. It could even re-mediate the soil with time.

Dairy: This is just crazy. Put it somewhere else.

Many issues, plenty of solutions, but our leaders don’t seem to have the vision or the will to implement them. Perhaps hiring Disney Corp. to run this place would be better. We could have a monorail over the top from Lihue to Princeville; steam trains along the coast from Kilauea and Koloa to Lihue. They have plenty of experience handling large crowds. We could call it Tropical Fantasy Land.

Michael Wells, Moloaa


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