Health of skin a window to your lifestyle

Is beauty really only skin deep?

It’s an old saying that beauty is only skin deep. But I believe that true beauty is much more and comes from being radiantly healthy inside and out.

I asked European Trained esthetician and Certified National Esthetics Trainer Liz Fletcher from Paradise Beauty Salon in old Kapaa Town for her take on the “beauty is skin deep” saying.

And not too surprisingly she echoed my thoughts and noted that the skin, being the largest organ of the body, is obviously going to show the absence or presence of healthy lifestyle choices more than anywhere else visible on your body.

Liz frequently observes the damage people have done to their hair, and sees the effects of poor eating or over-consumption of alcohol in their eyes.

But because the skin is an organ that breathes, sweats and transfers heat, she notes that more than other externally visible body parts, the skin can shows signs of premature aging and poor health choices more readily than other tissues.

She noted also that regular exercise gives your skin a chance to sweat and rid itself of toxins in a natural way, as well as increase the blood circulation to the skin to improve nutrient uptake.

Liz stated that proper cleansing on the skin is pivotal for vital, young- looking skin. Products placed on the skin are readily absorbed.

Many people fail to realize that the skin is a dynamic organ and they plunge their hands into paint thinner, or harsh household cleaning products, or splash insecticide or lawn spray on themselves without thinking how it goes right into their skin and into their bodies.

It is vital to know what you are using around the house and how it might adversely affect your health and the integrity of your skin.

As much as possible use natural cleanser, and not harsh chemicals. Salt will kill weeds in the lawn, peppermint oil will get rid of spiders, and green cleansers will do the trick without poisoning you.

Liz also advocates detoxifying body wraps periodically, to help clean out the skin and sub-dermal toxins as well as deep tissue cleansing to help support the liver and kidneys in their role as chief detoxifying organs of the body.

In today’s polluted environment it is important to give your body assistance by eating as cleanly, and organically as possible and to do nutritional cleanses in order to help clear the toxins which build up in the fatty layers of our bodies.

Clearly this was not such an issue hundreds or thousands of years ago when the Earth was much cleaner. Our liver and kidneys and skin could keep up with their detoxifying jobs quite adequately, however, since the Industrial Revolution, and the switch to large agricultural mega companies, and the advent of artificial colors, flavors and junk food, our bodies’ cleansing organs need help expelling the ever increasing load of toxins that assault us daily.

Just as everything you put in your mouth becomes part of your body tissue, the substances that you put on your skin also are absorbed in.

Please use clean and non-chemical laden sunscreens, lotions and makeup so that you enhance your healthy beauty rather than damage your health and your skin.

We all have seen the nasty effects of disregarding the basics of good skin care — drink lots of clean water, eat, clean and wholesome food, use chemical-free sunscreen and keep your skin clean.

Best choice is to deep clean from the inside as well as the surface for long-lasting youthful beauty. Beauty goes beyond the surface of your skin.


Jane Riley is a certified nutritional adviser and certified behavior change specialist. She can be reached at, (808) 212-8119 and


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