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Letters for Oct. 16, 2015

• Believe it, global warming is happening

Believe it, global warming is happening

Read some startling news today. Apparently, the world is not, in fact, flat. It’s more globe shaped. A group called NASA somehow got some guy up in space and took a picture. Now, there’s this other group called NOAA, they’re the blokes that let us know when the hurricanes are coming and they got these things called “satellites.”

Stay with me here, if you believe that the Earth is round and you accept that NOAA can come up with some accurate information through whatever witchcraft they use, it’s called a thermometer, then you have a problem. See, all them guys at NASA and NOAA say that the planet is getting warmer. They got a graph to prove it. That’s not some wild speculation or some egghead theory that you need calculus to understand. That’s just some guy writing down what the temperature gauge says and drawing a line. Heck, my cousin Billy Ray-Ray could do that. Now that line on the graph goes up and up and up.

Global warming is happening and sticking your head in the sand ain’t gonna change it. I’m sure that you want to scream that it’s natural and the planet has done it before and I could bore you to tears with why that makes you sound like the village idiot jumping up and down claiming the world’s flat, but I won’t. The planet is getting warmer fast and at this point we need to turn everything off and we won’t, because of people like you?

David Presley, Hanalei


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