Letters for Oct. 3, 2015

Letters for Oct. 3, 2015

Students need cool classrooms

Should students go to school with hot weather? This is an important topic to talk about because most students and teachers have a harder time concentrating during class. None of us can focus. Instead of getting things done, you’re more focused on trying to get yourself cooled because you don’t want to pass out.

In my opinion, most students that go to school on the island of Kauai get really sick and tired of sitting in hot classes for half of their day. It is true that most schools only have air-conditioning in the main office and library and that it is the most popular place on the campus. Because it’s so hot no one wants to pay attention to anything, just really focus on keeping cool.

Maybe we should all just start bringing mini fans to school just to keep cool. I am glad that I live in Hawaii, I just wish that the government of Hawaii would pay more attention to keeping classrooms cool.

Jaira Robia


Chasing homeless away no answer

The island of Oahu has a high number of homeless living on the streets. Currently, the officials are trying to avoid this by going to the encampments on sidewalks and kicking the homeless off the streets. It does not help because we are not providing a homeless shelter for them to go.

I understand that some of them deserve to be where they are at. They could have made wrong choices, but some people want to change and get their life together. Also, some people have reasonable reasons to be homeless; it’s hard for them to get their life together when they don’t have anywhere to go.

The homeless shelter would definitely get a lot homeless people off the sidewalks and help some of them get their lives together. These homeless shelters could do so much and citizens will volunteer to help. They said that they plan to clear more of the Kakaako area this week, but where are they making them go? To the next block. There will be the same amount of homeless people but just not in the same area. Also, 90 homeless people got moved into shelters/housing but I don’t think that is because they were kicked off of sidewalks. I feel that some of them moved into family or friends houses when it became possible.

The officials say they want to help the homeless problem when all they are doing is kicking them off sidewalks. They are not helping and something needs to be done.

Marli Genegabuas


Was jail right sentence for teen?

Why did Christopher Efhan end up in jail even if the person he had “sexual intercourse” with was in a “relationship” with him? Along with that, isn’t he too young for jail?

This headline is important because it confuses people. I, for example, thought you have to be 18 years of age to be sent in jail, but in his case he was sent to jail at the age of 17.

A 5th Circuit judge sentenced a 17-year-old to 60 days in jail on Thursday for the sexual assault of a minor (“Teen gets 60 days in sexual assault,” TGI, Sept. 25). This quote is from the headline and it emphasizes his age and it clarifies he is indeed a minor.

There are laws that protect minors from going to jail. That is why the government funds juvenile facilities for underage felons. Though Efhan and this girl were in a sexual relationship, he should have respected the girl’s wishes. If the girl said no, do not force it because nonconsensual sex is the definition of rape/ sexual abuse.

Overall, Efhan is a teenager but what he did was unacceptable.

Seth Bautista



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