Letters for Sept. 8, 2015

Letters for Sept. 8, 2015

A tribute to hurricane season

Yep its hurricane season, what else to say

The storms blowing by, not wanting to stay

Bringing surf and a lot of rain, yes they are

Not coming real close, staying a far

Even though no hurricanes have touched down

The weather were having is making us frown

The heat and humidity are hitting record highs

Tradewinds would be lovely just flying by

The big box stores aren’t complaining

I’m sure there not

In between storms we’re using what we bought

So off to the store for supplies, here we go

Water and paper goods for sure I know

Seven storms have visited the Pacific this year

Glad they blew by keeping us in the clear

Just remember, we’re not done yet

Three months to go, how can we forget?

Barbara Poor


More support for Jones Act

I’ve read both the arguments pro and con the Jones Act. I stand staunchly in favor of the Jones Act.

What I found interesting is: I’m sure the opponents are staunchly in favor of the capitalistic system. Profit is king.

Whereas, everyone who knows me, knows I am disgusted with our economic system. Profit should take a seat in the back of the bus.

Which just goes to prove, I guess, there is no solid ground. All the ground is slippery and shifting.

Bettejo Dux


Feed family fresh, healthy food

Aloha, this may seem harsh but, we have the ability to avoid many cancers. There are cases of cancer that are preventable. Curing a lot cancers does not come down to a pill, quick fix, or magic bullet. It’s common sense, the human body cannot survive on crap! Feeding ourselves and our loved ones fast foods, junk foods, artificial colors, flavors, and GMO products are not conducive to healthy living.

Yes it does take more effort to feed our families healthy food. All ages need fresh fruit, vegetables, fresh or frozen, lean protein, not fried, and avoid GMO foods whenever you can. As much as we love corn, it’s the number one crop most affected by the GMO companies.

Humans need nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are not present in processed food, junk food, fast food and are diminished in GMO foods. So feeding your family a fast food dinner is a bad idea unless an emergency. Take the time to feed your family it’s traditional foods with fresh ingredients. That’s how you survived, so why not? I write this letter out of love for my human kind. Please take it seriously.

Linda Bothe



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