World wasn’t always ‘Drug Crazy’

World wasn’t always ‘Drug Crazy’

Bonjour! Yes, we are still traveling! This week’s book, “Drug Crazy — How We Got Into This Mess and How We Can Get Out,” by Mike Gray, is astounding! In our personal lives, we haven’t met anyone that isn’t frustrated with the “war on drugs.” This book lays out why.

Did you know that originally drugs were not illegal, and were prescribed only by a pharmacist? So, what changed? What you learn will utterly surprise you.

The writer starts his timeline of the first drug laws, which started in the United States (the first country to do so), banning opium in order to have a reason to deport Chinese workers who were competing in the California labor pool; to follow later was marijuana to deport competing Mexicans, and so on.

More and more laws were put in place which began to create a lucrative black market for what had once been cheap and practically crime-free. Over 100 years later, here we are today.

“Drug Crazy” is an objective, well-researched analysis of how our “war on drugs” has created our drug lords and our career anti-drug advocates, and both, by the way, benefit extremely from the billions of dollars that our country spends to “fight drugs.”

This book clearly shows how this crusade started and how its repercussions has affected every nation in the world. The good news is “Drug Crazy” presents a clear, simple way to remedy the entire issue. Other counties have begun the process, and having far lower crime as a result. Because we found this book so important, we always make sure to have several copies available on our shelves, and if you vote, this book gives you knowledge on how to begin to make a difference.


Ed and Cynthia Justus are the owners of The Bookstore in Hanapepe.


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