Letters for July 4, 2015

• Anahola scarred by substation • Homeless Kauai senior faces struggles • Brochures could save a life

Anahola scarred by substation

Solar is a good thing. It is nonpolluting and renewable energy. On Kauai, we have solar arrays at Koloa and Kapaa set back from the road with unobtrusive panels low to the ground. This is not what we got with Anahola Solar. KIUC saw fit to install the low lying panels at the back of the site and provide us with all the substation generation equipment in direct view, huge and ugly right on the highway. No amount of vegetation will be able to obscure it. Did our electric co-op think saving a little money, by having the substation on the highway and close to the grid, is worth subjecting us to this monstrosity? It did not need to be built this way. Beautiful Anahola will never look the same for residents or visitors either who look for beauty and tranquility.

We are stuck with this substation for decades. Did KIUC made it clear that Anahola Solar would look like this? Did they ask if we preferred siting the substation at the back of the property behind the solar panels, instead of on the road?

If you feel misled, if you never want our member owned co-op giving us anything remotely like this again on the only road around the island, then please show up at the annual membership meeting at 6 p.m. on Thursday, July 23 and let them know. No more of this on our beautiful island ever again.

Paulo Tombolo, Wailua Homesteads

Homeless Kauai senior faces struggles

This is my story. There are many other residents affected by HUD’s bizarrely low Payment Standard offered by Kauai County Housing Agency.

Three years ago I entered the VA Supported Housing HUD Section 8 Fair Housing Choice Voucher. This program ensured that I received the medical attention that I needed as well as a decent place to live that I was required to find.

It’s a wonderful program administered by the VA Kauai Primary Clinic.

The HUD Payment Standard in 2012 for a one-bedroom apartment with all utilities paid and full kitchen was $1,100.

In March 2015, I needed to leave the duplex I was in. The Kauai County Housing Agency has set the Payment Standard for 2015 at $993 for a one-bedroom apartment.

It is impossible to rent a one-bedroom apartment with utilities for $993!

In 2014, the Payment Standard was $1,298.

I have been stonewalled by the Section 8 director and by the Mayor’s Office, as well as the Kauai Councilmembers.

My question is “How could this possibly happen?” Why did no one protest the low number of $993? Why do they all excuse themselves by saying “It’s federal?” Why didn’t Tulsi Gabbard answer my emails? What did or didn’t the County of Kauai do that caused this abnormally low Payment Standard?

Every day I’m out here without a home is hard on my physical and mental health. The interaction with the local politicians and bureaucrats shows me how secure and smug they can be — real hearts of stone.

David Sigala, Lihue

Brochures could save a life

Thank you to The Garden Island for presenting our latest edition of the Kauai Beach Guide. Although we are well aware that brochures don’t wear fins or drive a rescue jetski, and therefore we’ll never really know if they actually save a life, we do consider them to be an important arrow in our prevention quiver. And we believe that prevention is a key piece to Kauai’s life or death ocean safety puzzle.

Regarding availability of the brochure: The County of Kauai is an indispensable and greatly appreciated partner by having their rack distribution agency include the Kauai Beach Guide in their job description, and that’s how it gets to the airport racks and to many other brochure racks around Kauai. We also want to have the brochure in every visitor’s room (resort hotel, condo unit, timeshare, vacation rental, B&B, visiting family and friends in your own home). Also in every rental car and at every concierge desk and activities desk.

For your supply of brochures please call 241-4984 or 822-3695, tell us how many you want, and we will get them to your front door. We will re-supply you whenever needed.

Monty Downs, M.D., President, Kauai Lifeguard Association


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