Letters for May 13, 2015

Letters for May 13, 2015

A magical Kauai secret

I would like to express my gratitude and acknowledge Kauai Museum director Jane Gray and her staff, the volunteers and the Kauai Museum Board for continuing to create a special May Day Lei Celebration. This once a year event that is traditionally held on May 1 is one of those magical Kauai secrets that only last a few hours. I have met countless visitors who specifically book their vacation around this event. I encourage everyone I know who makes lei to enter one in the contest.

The amount of work involved is staggering and a lot of it is done during the early morning from about 6:30 a.m. until the doors open at 11. Volunteers are accepting lei, typing out the descriptions, judging and displaying over 100 lei. Silent auction bid sheets must be prepared, live auctioneer recruited, monies collected, and prizes disbursed all while running the museum gift shop to a large crowd. Even the “make a lei” table is a huge undertaking. At least 100 people want to make their own lei, at 50 flowers for one lei, that’s 5,000 flowers that need to be donated! Before the event, volunteers are recruited, donation letters sent out for money and prizes, ribbons are ordered, lei-makers are contacted, visitors are enticed to participate. Just the physical setting up and cleaning up ready for the next business day is a lot.

So, this letter is a thank you to Kauai Museum for perpetuating this amazing day with integrity, love and aloha. It is truly my favorite day of the year.

For those who might criticize, perhaps consider volunteering next year, so that you may see the amount of effort that goes into something like this and take advantage of the opportunity to add your Aloha.

Lei makers enter to perpetuate our art in a cultural and beautiful venue such as the Kauai Museum. Gathering here is an honor and privilege as we share our best work with each other and the public. Receiving ribbons and prizes is the icing on the cake. As we support the Kauai Museum the Kauai Museum supports and celebrates us. Just for a few hours and only once a year, everyone can choose to be surrounded by the abundance of 100 lei just for the sheer pleasure, delight & enjoyment of it I encourage you to mark your calendars now for May 1, 2016. You won’t want to miss it!

Elvrine Chow


What to do with old trash cans

I have just received my new refuse cart for “Pay as you Throw” pickup starting this June. My question is: What do I do with my old trash cans? This would seem to be a major issue, as everyone on the island has at least one trash can, which is now of no use. I would assume that the old trash cans, of which most are plastic, would be recyclable. Is that so? And if so, when and where can I/we recycle them?


Kathleen Johnson


Religion should be a private thing

Why are we having multiple in-depth articles on religion in The Garden Island? Why the insistence on public praying? The mayor’s prayer breakfast, the national prayer day, etc etc. There are many different religions and even different factions in the same religion. Some adhere to the conviction that they have the only true religion. Some will go door to door to try to steal you away from your current religion or if you don’t have one tell you about theirs as if you just arrived from Mars and hadn’t ever heard any of it before. While some religions are more tolerant than others, many have caused strife, suffering, wars and death. Some call others sinners for being born with hormones that don’t match theirs. Religion can and has caused good as well. Yet it is divisive and should be private, not splashed all over our paper. The last thing I want to see when going through the news is a picture of someone seemingly possessed with their arm up, eyes closed and looking heavenward in dramatic prayer. Is this necessary? Please keep it out of the paper or keep it to a short mention.

Paulo Tambolo

Wailua Homesteads


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