The Aloha Vet, now imagine an Aloha MD

Look out Dog Whisperer and Cesar 911. In my opinion there is now a new No. 1 TV show on Nat Geo Wild! The show features Kauai veterinarian Scott Sims in his own reality TV show called the “Aloha Vet.”

Scott is followed by a team of cinematographers doing his daily routine without shoes. He is known as the Barefoot Vet to many and even as Dr. Doolittle to others.

Dr. Sims, or as many call him, Dr. Scott, does it all. He operates on cancerous tumors, castrates goats, reconstructs bladders, pulls horses teeth, operates on pig eyes right where they sleep, gives mouth to mouth to chickens and also acts as the anesthesiologist to knock out the animals when they seem really hurt and need surgery

Scott flies to Molokai, Maui, Oahu and Hawaii’s Big Island on the show in an airplane he constructed from a kit to see patients and even operate in the middle of the night on his birthday. Dr. Scott even clears and mows his own runway before taking off.

Now imagine an Aloha M.D.? Your primary care physician doing for you what Dr.Sims does for animals. He’s the radiologist, anesthesiologist, neurosurgeon, heart specialist, oncologist, dentist, eye doctor, proctologist and every other specialist in the books. All others vets pale in comparison. Not only a great show but a great man of passion in his field!

Imagine a house call from your doctor and he decides to operate on the spot after X-raying and giving you an ultrasound right on the spot.

Nobody ever says my doctor’s the worst, everyone always says, “my doctor’s the best.” However, we all know some doctors must have graduated at the bottom of the class and just got by. It’s the same for veterinarians.

However, Scott Sims really is the best.

Scott says it’s all out of love and passion. When Dr. Sims works on an animal that has little chance and then survives, it gives him what he calls “the warm fuzzies.” I am guessing this is where the term, “lucky dog” comes into play!

There is a popular meme on Scott’s Facebook that say’s it all, “People ask what I do for vacation?” Scott replies, “I live it everyday.”

I feel there is much for the medical profession to learn from veterinarian science. A phrase that comes to mind is, “They shoot horses don’t they?” Putting an animal out when there is no cure to what they have and to avoid suffering is the humane thing to do. I only wish the human medical profession was as compassionate.

Mahalo to Dr. Sims and his assistants Dia and Ella for being there for Kauai. Now the rest of the world knows the meaning of aloha. One of the many reasons that we’re “lucky we live Kauai.”

Does anyone else besides me get the warm fuzzies just watching the show?

Not only do I get the warm fuzzies, but to say the least, a star is born!


James “Kimo” Rosen is a resident of Kapaa.


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