Letters for April, 29, 2015

• Seek solutions, stop pointing finger • County manager would benefit many

Seek solutions, stop pointing finger

Why so much anger and finger pointing concerning short-term rentals on Kauai?

While I agree that there is a need for common sense regulation of short-term rentals, there is a vastly greater need for affordable housing.

You can gripe, complain and talk trash about people that you know little about, but until you direct your energy toward actually solving the real problem, then all you are doing is farting into the wind. It may make you feel better, but doesn’t solve a thing.

There are two major issues on Kauai, lack of affordable housing and lack of adequate roads. The county has had its head in the sand for many years concerning both issues and uses controversies such as this one as a smoke screen to deflect attention away from their inability or lack of desire to resolve either issue. How can it be that on our island there are tens of thousands of acres of unused ag land, plenty of which is better suited to housing than farming, that could be rezoned for non-investment local residential housing, but there is no talk, effort or apparently the desire by the county to correct the situation?

So, we can continue to hurl insults and accusations and point fingers or we can acknowledge the true cause of the housing shortage and put pressure on the county to get off of their okoles and create a housing and business plan for Kauai. Are they not the planning department that supports our local citizens and not the county’s corporate lords that rule the TVRs? Not every visitor coming to Kauai wants to stay at a Disneyland complex and not every home owner that short term rents is a nuisance.

Oh, you know that when you point a finger at someone, there are three pointing back at you. Aloha

Ribert Wolaver, Kilauea

County manager would benefit many

Congratulations and thank you, Molly Jones, for your outstanding “tongue in cheek” letter in April 20 TGI, “Hints of the news to come.”

Your second bullet point about our auditor, Ernie Pasion, held far more reality and truth than humor and fiction. You obviously did your research for your letter and the many friends of Ernie say a big “mahalo.”

A group of us have been trying since 2006 to get a county manager type of government before the voters of Kauai, to consider a change to the antiquated, stagnated strong mayor/council system that has been in existence here for years.

Your words about Ernie are extremely visionary and right on target — people with his qualifications, honesty and integrity are very rare in any government operation, federal, state or local. Doing his job by his high standards uncovered irregularities in our system that undermined his successful operation.

Hopefully, you and your friends will help us convince our council members to put this measure on the ballot so that the people of Kauai can make the choice for status quo or reap the benefits of this proven style of government that has been around for over 100 years. Keep up the good work and keep writing.

Ken Taylor, Kapaa


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