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Letters for Thursday, April 16, 2015

• Traveling down the road of improvement • Hawaii’s biggest export is aloha • Solution to telescope troubles

Traveling down the road of improvement

Let us rejoice together that we are finally ending the long, long war between the people and our police.

Despite those who still cannot let go of the idea that somehow they, and the government, can ever be sovereign within the body of space enclosed by our skin (what you may do with or to your body and hair, with whom you make what kind of love you wish, whom you may marry, whether you may use birth control or seek an abortion, what kind of substances you may put in your body, what words you may speak, and where, etc.), the world moves forward with the end of the drug wars in sight, and police body cameras now reduce complaints about police by 88 percent and the use of force by police by 60 percent.

How many people know that, over 50 years ago, the Black Panthers armed themselves only after they were threatened by police with guns drawn, for trying to follow police to document police misconduct? Don’t believe those who tell you that, because we started in the Garden of Eden and fell all this way, things have obviously been getting worse. Actually, we started as little germy things and have evolved (with a great deal of pain and suffering, that lingers still, it’s true), into the miraculous beings we are now. Obviously, things have been getting better, and get better every day!

Marty Mills, Kapaa

Hawaii’s biggest export is aloha

Probably the best reason for allowing B&B and homestays into our agricultural lands, in my opinion, is that I consider aloha perhaps the most precious crop one can ever harvest as well as being Hawaii’s greatest export. Lorna and I have been in several businesses in our almost 50 years on Kauai. Lorna with her horses, milking cows, dogs, cats, orchids, landscape trees, flowers and grasses, a wild baby boar, a peacock, cattle and chickens — you name it — and I in general contracting and education as a substitute teacher. But we never exported our products until we opened up our B&B/homestay over a decade ago. 

We discovered a new clientele of individuals coming from around the whole world enjoying themselves so much that many are returning to Kauai for second and third visits rather than traveling elsewhere. 

Our small ag farm is not a large prairie of flat land capable of growing vast acres of corn, sugar or pineapple, but we can grow small plants and trees for your home landscaping needs on our slopped and cavernous topography. The product we grow will stay on Kauai destined for our son’s landscaping projects. 

But aloha, we can export that and have fun doing it. So, I recommend you put aloha on the list of Hawaii’s exports. I assure you, Hawaii’s export list is very, very, very short in terms of items. Let us nurture aloha on ag lands!

John Hoff, Lawai

Solution to telescope troubles

Dear Governor Ige

I have been giving the Mauna Kea telescope problems some thought, and if you really want to have the telescope and really want to give recognition to the Hawaiian culture you can do the following:

1. Look at what telescopes are up there.

2. Which ones are old and decrepit, past their innovativeness, need major overhauling, cost more than they are worth, etc.

3. Remove the old telescopes, build the 30-meter in existing telescope footprints.

4. Let folks who give up telescopes be able to access 30-meter and/or other remaining telescopes to make up for their loss.

Sara Steiner, Pahoa


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