Let’s hear about the good out there

We have a request: Catch somebody doing something good and let us know.

OK. So what’s that all about?

Just this.

A caller to The Garden Island shared a story of an incident that happened some 40 years ago. Her car had a flat tire and she was pulled over on the side of the road. Another vehicle with three women stopped and changed the tire for her. Oh, and did we mention they didn’t have a jack? So Lovey Apana and her sisters literally lifted the small vehicle enough so the spare tire could be put on. Wow.

“I’ll always be appreciative,” said the caller, who asked to remain anonymous.

The caller to TGI said she sent a letter to the paper sharing that story of a good deed, but it was never printed. Well, we don’t have the original copy of that letter, but the story is certainly one worth sharing with our readers. And it also encouraged us to ask readers to send stories our way when they catch somebody doing something good.

And what might that be?

We’re not talking about anything dramatic like rushing into a burning building and carrying a baby to safety. We’re talking about anything that brightens the day for a person or even a pet. Some examples: Giving a friend a ride. Giving someone a dollar if they’re short money at the checkout register. Helping a lost dog get back home. Dropping by to check on your neighbor. Returning a lost wallet. A car wash fundraiser to send students to an off-island event. And certainly, stopping to help someone replace a flat tire.

When we get enough of these short, happy tales, we’ll publish them. Hopefully, once a week. Just email them to thasslinger@thegardenisland.com, or call 245-0457.

Why, you ask, do we want to publish such things in the paper?

One, because there’s already more than enough bad news out there. Bombings, killings, crashes, kidnappings, shootings, robberies and assaults come at us daily. Those things, sadly, will continue to happen every day. But good things happen, too. And as our caller suggested, maybe by highlighting the positive, by spotlighting those who do good, it can create a better world. Even make us feel better about it.

Those little things we do, not to benefit ourselves, but for the benefit of others, might have a bigger impact than we imagine.

“It’s something that can change someone’s life, that one little thing,” our caller said.

So, please, catch someone doing something good, and let us know. We’ll let the rest of the island know (not the world, Ron Wiley. We’ll leave that to you).


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