Letters for April 13, 2015

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What a wonderful service

Well, Alleluia. How often do we get to hear “The Hallelujah Chorus” from G.F. Handel’s great choral Mass “The Messiah” actually performed at church services on Easter?

Ironically, while traditionally heard at Christmastime, Handel composed this massive work for Easter. Thus, the text “… for the Lord God omni-potent reigneth.” The “Hallelujah” refers to “The Resurrection” of “The Messiah,” the crucified Christ who has risen, conquering death for the salvation of all mankind. “… And he shall reign forever and ever. Forever and ever, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.”

Performed by a select choral, brass and instrumental choir of Easter morning — with congregation joining in as inspired — the excerpt concluded a spirited, reverent and glorious Easter service program at St. Michael’s Church in Lihue.

Mahalo nui loa, St. Michaels.

Luana Ruggiero


Please consider manager system

And the drum beat grows louder and louder from dissatisfied citizens who are fed up with the direction our island is going.

Under the strong mayor/council type of government we have “forever” had problems that are unresolved and continue to proliferate.

The many letters to the Forum in TGI highlighted by the recent one from Sandy Johnson (April 2) show what the people are thinking.

And it is obvious other citizens share these same concerns about our current form of government but do not have the time to write letters or voice their opinions at the council meetings.

As Mr. Johnson so well stated, “Until the old regime is ousted and a county manager is put in place, the will of the people will continue to be ignored.”

A council/manager system is well tested in its frequent use around the country. Adoption of it here would be simply joining a growing trend.

For those of you who are not familiar with a county manager type of government, let’s mention its major features:

A county manager who meets educational and experience requirements is hired by the council and is given the power to manage the operations of the county. The mayor remains elected by the people becomes a member of the council and is given certain intragovernmental duties. Conflict between the council and the administration ends. The manager has the incentive to achieve efficiency because his job depends on it.

There are many other advantages to this type of system and hopefully our council will see that it is put on the ballot for the public to vote on.

There is no other proven way of putting efficiency and accountability into our government so please keep the letters going to TGI, as well as our council members, telling our elected officials that you want a manager in charge of county operations.

Glenn Mickens


Tax return taking too long

What is going on? I submitted my state taxes and federal taxes at the same time electronically. I received my federal tax return in one week. It has now been five weeks and no state tax return.

When I go into the system, one time it will say it is processing it and the next time they haven’t received it yet.

I emailed Sen. Kouchi and had no response. I emailed Rep. Morikawa and had no response. What I want to know is, is the state out of money?

JoAnne Georgi



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