Letters for Sunday, April 5, 2015

• Carpooling should be considered • County has right to enforce zoning codes • Abortion result of bad choices

Carpooling should be considered

I have been reading your letter to the editor section almost daily. What I find strange is no one has mentioned carpooling or van pooling nor any incentive programs to encourage the use of pooling. i.e. carpool parking, carpool lanes (peak hours center lane for carpool only), tax breaks for rental car agencies for van pool sponsoring. Maybe the cane field roads for carpoolers only. Just thinking out loud here people, appears some educated people could chase these ideas around a little. Hey, maybe somebody could make some money as a carpool driver?

P.S. I am retired and don’t drive during those peak hours. I like to leave the road to all those guys who have to work or are going to school. You’re our future. Don’t gamble.

James Weber, Koloa/Las Vega

County has right to enforce zoning codes

TGI’s March 28 headline: “B&B crackdown” was good news for island residents who’ve lived with illegal visitor rentals. Thank you, Director Dahilig and staff for taking this first step, which likely begins a long and contentious process; starting with the April 14 hearing on an ordinance to allow homestays in resort, commercial and residential zones before the Planning Commission. Just so our position is clear, understand we are not anti-tourism nor anti-home stay; providing these occur in areas zoned for such use. 

What we are for is preserving and protecting the integrity of the zoning code, specifically the residential zoning code, against further amendments/exceptions allowing for more commercial uses among homes.

Just a few years ago, our county addressed the problem of runaway numbers of unpermitted TVRs within residential areas. Due in part to a weak response from residents and a strong lobby from operators, mostly illegal, the county’s solution was to create a process allowing illegals to become legal. Consequently, 27 of the 58 lots where I live are now non-conforming TVRs.

The question before island residents again is, are we going sit by, not say anything and let homestays become legal in the neighborhood or are we going to step up and ask the county to protect residents by not allowing another exception to the zoning code?

I know what my neighbors and I plan to do. We hope you do, too.

Sam Lee, Koloa

Abortion result of bad choices

The author of the abortion letter (TGI, April 2) says, “Women have the right to choose whether and when to have a child” is correct! The woman and the man both make that choice when they drop their pants and say procreate with me. Making an after-the-fact choice that leads to the annihilation of fetuses and unborn babies, many of whom feel pain, hear sounds, make sounds, and have a viable heart beat and brain waves can never in all reality be the right choice! 

In the majority of states, the killing of a fetus by a third party is murder! But in the end, we all see exactly what we want to see for our own self-serving convenience, and very few minds will be changed over this issue. It’s always been puzzling to me that the same people who encourage and support abortions would scream to the heavens if someone abuses, refuses to feed, or in any way makes a cat, dog, horse or goat “uncomfortable.”

You get angry, picket, cajole and call for the heads of any perpetrator of discomfort for the poor animal. How shameful are your priorities! 

If one makes the foolish decision to procreate for fun and games, or abuse an animal, let the consequences fall on the fool where they rightfully belong! 

Certainly, not on the poor innocent kitty cat; or child with a heartbeat for which the author has chosen to become a professional advocate.

Gordon Oswald, Kapaa


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