Letters for March 31, 2015

• Better effort needed to learn why dead turtle had tumors • Contribute to making Kauai better • Easter on the cross

Better effort needed to learn why dead turtle had tumors

Sunday’s TGI had a small article regarding a female sea turtle found dead at Koloa Landing. Cause of death unknown. She had large tumors over her right eye and along the right side of her neck. How disturbing! What suffering that poor creature must have endured.

The Kauai Marine Mammal Response team took a small skin sample from the left side (healthy side) of the turtle’s neck. Chances of this sample telling us what is going on seems slim to none. I am not sure if there was only one person who responded or not, but then they pushed the dead turtle back into the ocean, stating it was too heavy to bring in for an examination. What!

A precious endangered sea turtle was found dead and covered in tumors and was pushed back into the ocean. That was a missed opportunity to study what is causing our sea turtles to get these tumors. How about taking a sample of one of the tumors or skin from the diseased side of its body? Don’t you think that would have given us a better chance of finding out why this is happening? We already know that toxic run-off from the bio-agriculture companies is reaching our ocean; could this be the culprit? Now we will have to wait for another dead sea animal to wash ashore.

Hopefully next time we will make a more professional effort to find out why this is happening to these creatures. Training in diseased sample taking may be needed and if a creature is too heavy for one response person to handle have another person on standby to help. Or bring in the humane society.

Mad and sad.

Linda Bothe


Contribute to making Kauai better

Frustrations! Complaints! Disgust!

A place and a time to vent, rant and rave about what’s wrong; the struggles we’ve had; some horrible situation observed or experienced.

Well, how about some of the following for a change:

1. Instead of experiencing or adding to the misery of congested traffic jams on that infamous east side corridor on Kuhio Highway, stay home as much as possible!

2. Focus on performing a “random act of kindness” for someone daily. That should bring you some sense of satisfaction, somehow!

3. Plant a garden. Grow something you enjoy eating or just looking at!

4. If you don’t already have one, get a hobby, spending time on something you enjoy.

5. Go back to basics! Find time to “talk story.” Do something around the house that needs your time and attention.

6. Revitalize an interest or explore the realm of possibilities.

7. Make it a point to enjoy something about each day, even if it’s something as simple as a smile and handshake, the sound of laughter, or the voice of a friend!

Now, aren’t you feeling better already? Have a great day!

Jose Bulatao, Jr.


Easter on the cross

We think when Christ walked upon this earth and was slain by those He came to save.

He only wanted to give them freedom but instead became sin’s slave.

They embraced a criminal while to His face they spat and sneered.

This man cried and died on Good Friday while others laughed and cheered.

Then He was nailed upon a tree with thorns that pierced His head.

And when He died they laid Him down upon a cold stone slab for a bed.

But then I asked myself, “What better am I?”

“How many times have I made my Lord cry?”

So often I promised Him to follow the straight and narrow way

And then I forget to guard all the things that I thoughtlessly do and say.

I let Him down time and time again.

He suffered for me; He suffered for them.

Lord, dear Lord,

Please tell me how many crowns of thorns have I embedded on your head?

How many swords have I thrust through your sides?

How many times for me, my Lord, have you died?

Though I am filled with remorse and regrets,

A sweet peacefulness penetrates my soul and heart.

For I know that through His immeasurable Grace, He again forgives my part.

A message of God’s perfect love on the cross.

Juanita Batis Parongao



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