Letters for March 28, 2015

• Hold our elected officials accountable • Surcharge shouldn’t bepart of meal bill 

Hold our elected officials accountable

Stop re-electing the same useless, unqualified politicians to our county, state and federal positions. They don’t have any or few experiences to fill the position for which they are elected. Our public elected or appointed people are required to take, before entering office, The Oath of Office, which is a 24/7 commitment as long as they hold such eligible public office. This means the governor, lieutenant governor, members of both houses, board of education, national guard, state and county employees, police officers, judges, etc.

It seems to me that most of those eligible public officers are too disrespectful, arrogant or plain stupid to follow those important guidelines that are required by law. Let us get rid of all those officials who violate these requirements. Nobody is above such laws, not even the president of the United States.

The Earth is not flat anymore. We, the USA, need to change our system the way we elect our public officials. On Kauai, our people wanted a county manager for a long time. It is our right as USA citizens to have that. Let us make that change now..

Also, clean up our police department. We need our Kauaians to feel safe in their homes and not be consistently harassed and mistreated by our “plantation mentality” police department.

I know it takes courage to speak up against unlawful actions by our elected or appointed officials, but if we don’t start now, our children and grandchildren will be even worse off. I look back in my life over the past 70 years during World War II in Europe under Hitler’s control and the loss of my country where I was born and lives lost in my family. Don’t you dismiss history horrors because it is happening right here in America. You may say it won’t happen here, but it is.

I’m not wanting to scare you. Just check up on happenings all over the world! It is not about you or me right now. It is about the future of America and our next generations. We need courage now to speak up and do something! We must keep America free and prosperous.

Adolf Befurt


Surcharge shouldn’t bepart of meal bill

In response to Mr. Moffatt’s letter March 22 in TGI regarding placing a surcharge on my restaurant meal bill to cover the cost of employee health care … really? I support employees earning living wages, including health care coverage, and expect that the cost will be reflected in the cost of services. I also expect that the business owners will make a profit. Why doesn’t Mr. Moffatt put the owner’s profit margin as a surcharge, or the price of electricity used, or all the other line item expenses? Why does Mr. Moffatt choose to identify the Affordable Care Act as the sole expense deserving to be a line item identified on my bill?

This bashing of the ACA and President Obama is absurd, especially considering that (according to public testimony on Kauai) most restaurant workers also qualify for public aid — food support, rent support, and qualify for medicaid subsidy due to their near or poverty level wages.

Any restaurant that puts the cost of providing health care or living wages as a line item on my bill will never see me in their restaurant again. Mr. Moffatt clearly supported restaurant workers earning living wages, in which he included health care, but he doesn’t support the employer having to actually pay living wages and health care expenses.

Better luck next time trying to invent a way to bash the Affordable Care Act and our wonderful president.

P.S. How exactly does a restaurant calculate — during the time I’m eating my meal — what the actual ACA cost was for my meal? Ridiculous.

Lonnie Sykos



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